Someone leads raccoons and chanterelles on a leash through the streets of Minsk, while someone keeps dozens of poisonous spiders at home.

A resident of the capital shared why she brought exotic animals and how much it costs to care for them.

How long have you been fond of such exotic? Who was the first unusual pet?

– I have been fond of this for a very long time, since childhood. I still remember that I have favorite pages in the encyclopedia – tarantulas, scorpions, snakes, frogs and everything else. Therefore, I am fond of for a very long time, probably, as I recall, from three years. The first pet was the snail Akhatina Fulika.

It happened like this: parents said: “No snail in the house!”. As a result, I found a snail for free, went for it, and then I got five of them. I asked to bring to me from Moscow the parents of expensive snails, these were already the archahatins paulaherty albino body. I moved away from snails – I’m tired of it.

Then my first spider appeared. True, he is no longer there. In fact, these animals have a high mortality rate, they often die, especially when they are very small. In nature, most of them die due to illness, they are eaten or just like that. In the same way, at home, small snakes, spiders and all this living creature.

What are your pets now?

– I have five tarantula spiders, one huge, adult, will die soon from old age, because the males do not live very long. The size of it with my open palm. The other spider is smaller, and the other three are small. Recently I brought in a blue Australian tree frog with an eublefar lizard. I'm going to take another male of a beautiful morph.

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How did you get the first spider?

– In the social network there was a draw of a spider for reposting the cheapest and smallest. I won this spider. Although the parents say: "There are no snakes, snails, spiders, there will be no one at all in our house except our dog." As a result, I got a snail, and a spider, and a snake …

Is it difficult to care for them? How much money and effort goes into maintenance?

– It’s not difficult to take care of them. It is necessary to feed, drink, clean the terrarium and maintain the temperature – that’s all. Money goes to them normally. When I had snakes, they needed to buy mice. And they are not that expensive, but not cheap. Lizards, frogs and spiders with crickets to feed are not as expensive as it seems, but terrariums, equipment – all this costs quite a lot. UV lamps, heat mats consume a lot of electricity. True, I do not have animals that need special lamps. I can’t say that they take more money than a dog, there are just a lot of them. More precisely, I still have, it is believed, not very much, but I have acquaintances who spend almost the entire salary.

Do you name each of them?

– Usually, I do not name spiders by name. I have a lizard – Yashperitsa, one spider, the largest, I have Yegor. I used to call a snake, but I can’t say that I strongly call someone by name.

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Where can I buy these animals? And how much do they cost?

– You can buy anywhere, mainly, of course, in Moscow, but we also have enough for private traders. Pet shops are such an option, because animals are not of very good quality. You need to buy from private traders who breed for themselves. You can buy at the Reptilium – a chic exhibition and sale. They are standing … this is a very big variation.

It’s like asking “how much does food cost?” For example, milk for 2 rubles, and black truffle for a thousand dollars, such a mushroom. There are the cheapest animals, these are bugs, kivsyachki. It all depends on the rarity of the animal, the color of the morph, genes, how famous the person who sells them is. Very big run even in snakes. It can be from 10 to 70,000 dollars.

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How do friends react to the fact that you have such unusual pets?

– Friends react normally, everyone is interested, fun, someone is afraid. It is more interesting here, in fact, the reaction of the family, because they just reconciled. Mom doesn’t like it, dad more or less doesn’t care. And friends all react normally. The worst reactions from people who don’t concern you at all.

Some “yazhmateri” who live in another city, if they find out that you have a spider, say: “You’re a killer, you will kill my child”, “What a horror”, “Snakes – disgusting”, “Fu” and all that .

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Are they poisonous? If so, how to deal with bites?

– The spiders are poisonous, the snake was not poisonous, the lizard and the frog too. How to deal with bites? Do not receive them! If you follow the safety rules, then you will not have bites. Of course, if you grab a spider, it will bite. If you handle them normally and carefully, then everything will be fine.

Who do you love more? Your usual dog or spiders with nods?

– The dog is mom’s animal. I adore her, she is still a member of the family. In fact, the big difference between mammals and all sorts of reptiles and amphibians. A dog is a family, my animals are pets. This is a slightly different level. And although my mother’s dog, and not mine, we still do not like each other, but for me it is perceived by someone like a younger sister.

Spiders are my hobby in terms of ecology, the development of terrarium, some help to the gene pool, the protection of animals. Terrorists are doing this, this is a separate very cool topic. They are not people who, for their pleasure, contain these animals, they help them. Therefore, I love my dog.

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Do you let them "walk" around the apartment?

– I do not let them walk around the apartment. There are large monitor lizards that can be safely released. My small lizard, which can clog under the sofa, and then you can’t get it or spiders that can’t be found. Therefore, in no case do not release.

Why didn’t it happen with crabs and snakes? Is there any desire to have someone else?

– I did not work out with snakes until I want them. And she took the crab in vain, because there is very little information about them on how to properly contain them. And, perhaps, I also made some mistake, although I revised everything. But these are such tender crabs, it so happened that they, too, died, and not only from me, but also from my friends.

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I’ll still have Krabov, but I will wait until my friend learns to breed them, when there is enough information I will start them a second time so that they don’t die. There is always a desire to make one, always constantly.

Terrarium is a form of addiction, like an addiction, but in a good sense of the word. That is, teach your child to love terrarium and he will not have money either for alcohol or for anything else. You start a new spider and parents think that is all, but this is only the beginning.

At my level, I still consider myself a very reserved person, I try not to buy anyone. I have friends who have 10 snakes, 50 spiders and frogs such and such, 30 species of stick insects, and they all contain this, that there is no place at home. The desire to have someone always is, it does not disappear. You watch pictures, look that someone started someone. Then the terrariums will be on the table, under the table instead of the table, sleeping on the terrariums … you'll be malnourished, and feed the animals and buy new ones, and then think about where to put them. It's a vicious circle.

Ceylan Silvianovich

Photo: from the personal archive of the hero

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