In the wild, foxes are considered dangerous animals, primarily because they are carriers of various infections, including deadly rabies.

Recently, however, they are gaining popularity as pets thanks to their beautiful redhead muzzle.

Foxes are almost like dogs

With the biological component of the fox belong to the family of canine or canine.

If there are acquaintances who held a domestic fox, they will definitely tell you that some of their habits resemble a canine, for example, they wag their tails in the same way when they are happy or want to play.

Chanterelles are almost like cats

But the character of foxes is more like a feline character – they love to play and sleep in boxes.

This animal can be taught to go to the tray, and they are just as gentle, but do not purr.

Foxes are well trained

These animals have a tendency to learn and train, which means that with a strong desire, the fox will carry out any commands that you teach her.

Also with them you can walk on a leash, with these animals do not experience discomfort.

Foxes are almost omnivorous.

Foxes are omnivores, so there will be no nutritional problems.

The only thing is that they should not be given bones and raw fish, so that later there would be no problems with digestion.

Foxes love warmth and care.

Foxes love when they are loved. They are very gentle and affectionate animals, besides, they are very loyal.

True, they can not swear and scream at them, then they will hide the insult, they can just shame a little.

Photo: Pixabay

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