New Yorker Rene Becerra last winter saw a striped stray cat outside her apartment window.

Later, the cat returned to the same place and she was not alone, but with three kittens aged about 2 months.

The cat obviously chose this place because there was less wind blowing because a large tree grew close to the window (

Renee has been feeding local street cats for a long time and now she began to think how to help the new neighbor and her kids before the really low temperatures.

She arranged a temporary cover from the boards from the wind around the tree and began to give the cat and kittens food.

Unfortunately, soon the smallest and weakest kitten died, and then Rene and her fiancé Nathaniel began to think about taking the cat and the remaining two kittens home to the ASPCA shelter.

They set a trap and the kittens got there, but the cat turned out to be very wary and immediately ran away.

Rene and Nathaniel successfully attached these two kittens to the orphanage and soon found their owners, but the fate of their mother cats continued to bother them all winter. The cat did not return and they even began to think that the cat might have frozen or died under the wheels of the cars.

And suddenly in the autumn of 2018, Renee again saw the same cat under her window. And again she failed to catch her, the cat immediately ran away. Having learned the experience of survival on the streets, this cat perfectly understood that it is desirable to stay away from people.

But when a few days ago, New York was captured by high frost and everything around was littered with snow, this cat returned under the window! The striped tramp most likely remembered this place as an excellent shelter from snow and wind, and what else was the food here.

And this time, the cat did not shy away from people (Nathaniel was in the apartment), but seemed to ask for help herself. Seeing Nathaniel in the room, she stood on her hind legs, and began to scratch the front ones on the summer insect screen on the window.

The cat was without kittens, and the tip of one ear was clipped. For Nathaniel, who also volunteered at a shelter in his spare time, this meant that the cat had gone through a sterilization program for stray animals this year.

When Nathaniel opened the window, the cat immediately jumped into his room, as if she had never shunned people. Nathaniel gave her the name Chunk Chunk.

“She was in a panic from the heavy snowfall and wanted to be warm as soon as possible,” the boy said. “I put her in the bathroom and she immediately came to her senses and calmed down. She was very balanced and wanted to be petted and loved.” .

Nathaniel immediately called Rene and said that last year’s fugitive was now sitting in their apartment. The girl was very happy with the good news.

"When I entered the bathroom, she first hid behind the toilet from me, but when I began to iron her, she seemed to recognize me and began to purr. And then she climbed on my knees. Later we let her go to the apartment and she went around all the rooms" .

After Rene and Nathaniel took the cat for examination to the vet and he said that she was fine, they decided to leave Chunk Chunk for good, and not to give her to the orphanage.

“I now most often call her Lovebug (“ Bug in Love ”) because she is an incredibly cute and sweet cat. And she meows very quietly and modestly when she really wants attention,” says Rene.

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