Hi, my name is David M Blake. Please love and respect. First, I will briefly tell the story of my path as a blogger. The first blog on which I tried my hand was a Mail.Ru blog. I started to lead him in January 2010, and on it I learned a little about blogging rules. It’s funny to remember, but when I first started using the Internet and, on the advice of my friend, I started an account on Mile, I didn’t even know what a BLOG was.

Then came the blogs “Perspective” and “Everyone logged in – a potential friend!”, Which I began to lead in June 2015. In the last two I learned and began to earn (for the time being a little) on the Internet.

This one is dedicated to dogs and all our younger friends. I created in November 2015. They are already on a fee basis and already professional. These blogs have become my third step in the management of professional blogs, designed to teach myself the rules of effective blogging, its promotion, SEO-optimization, making money on the Internet, personal growth and just communication.

You are welcome: go to all my blogs, read, comment, criticize, communicate, ask, advise.

I have a higher education: back in 1979, I graduated from a pedagogical institute with a degree in mathematics and physics teacher. It happened so, but since 1992 he has been engaged in private business. Now retired.

I have children and grandchildren. The habit of constantly learning something and now an integral part of my nature. Therefore, I am on the Internet, so I keep blogs. I believe that age is not a hindrance, and my successes and achievements, even if not very large, will be proof of that.