It all started when caring residents of Podolsk noticed a black and white cat in a blue collar in a foreign car parked at home. The first cat noticed (and photographed) by a local resident Alexei Panfilovsky. The cat was sitting in a car standing on the street 50 years of October. When Alex posted a photo of the cat on VKontakte's social network, commentators began to resent the cruelty of the cat's owner. Someone suggested finding the owner by […]

Do you know how humpback whales create “nets” to catch fish? It turns out that they make them out of many bubbles, diving in a special way and diving in one place. This amazing video (see below) was shot by a drone launched offshore Alaska by marine biologists. The humpback whales creating this amazing “bubble” dance were also previously equipped with special sensors with video cameras, so biologists not only shot them from above from the drone, but also received […]

Many people think that animals sleep just like people. But this is not so. Some animals generally never fully sleep, but otherwise give their brain a rest. And insects, for example, simply fall into a kind of numbness. Even human sleep for us is still a very mysterious phenomenon, and even the sleep of animals has hardly been studied at all (Good news about animals – 10. How do monkeys sleep Humanoid signs, such as gorillas, orangutans and chimpanzees, […]

The Katmai National Park, located in Alaska, is rightfully proud of its bears. And now, for the fifth year before the start of winter, the reserve’s employees are asking visitors to the park and just Internet users to choose the thickest bear from those that this year caught the eye of people. Before hibernation, Alaskan bears (as well as Russian ones) try to gain more subcutaneous fat by eating intensely. The thicker the bear, the easier it will be for […]

In Canada, a brood of seven (!) Little foxes was accidentally discovered right under the porch of a private house in the town of Macham, Ontario. One can only guess why the fox did not find a more suitable place. And the kids were not found right away. Foxes at the time of discovery were already about four weeks old. The landlord heard a suspicious rustling and squeaking, and finally found that it was coming from under the boardwalk near […]

A few years ago, when a wombat nicknamed Mr. Magu was still very young, his mother was hit by a car. An orphaned cub was then sheltered at the Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue and Hospital Wombat Assistance Center in New South Wales, Australia. In the shelter of the center, a small wombat grew up, getting plenty of food and all the necessary help, and when he grew up, he was released back into the wild (Good news about animals – […]

Erin Brin from Austin, Texas, first noticed this strange cat when she was walking on the street with her boyfriend and her dog. “We have a very hot day here, so we walk the dog mainly in the evening. We walk a couple of blocks from our house and immediately noticed this cat, which was sitting on the side of the road. We often walk here and know all the local cats, but I saw this cat for the first […]

Two weeks ago, Jill Hicks from Chittanooga, Tennessee, was driving her car in the suburbs, hurrying to meet friends. Suddenly she saw some small animal jumping out onto the road from somewhere on the side, and then braked sharply, afraid to crush him. “At first glance, I decided it was a rabbit. Because it was very fluffy. But when I got closer I saw that it was a kitten.” The kitten almost ran on to where cars continued to drive […]

A dog named Nori is gaining popularity on the Internet because of its incredible expressive face. Many users notice that his face is even somewhat similar to a person’s face. Nori belongs to the Ossipu breed (Aussiepoo – Australian poodle) – a new "designer" breed. Nori's large round eyes look openly and affably, and it is because of them that Nori's face is so attractive and unusual. And in combination with a soft smiling bend of the mouth, Nori's muzzle […]

Young Peyton Dunkworth never expected that one day she would become the adoptive mother for the little foal that his real mother had abandoned. However, she accepted this role with all her heart and this recent history has already greatly affected her life. Two weeks ago, Peyton, a high school student in Texas, received a call from her friend, who lives on a large ranch. And when Peyton went to visit him, she saw a small and weak foal at […]