Not all owners are lucky, and the cat is next to them. And sometimes the tails are not lucky: it is forbidden to sleep on a bed, couch chairs. In any case, the pet needs its own personal bed.

It is very important to choose a comfortable one so that it does not stand idle, because the cat may not approve the gift.

First, pay attention to the nature of the pet: an extrovert or introvert.

For the first, an open construction is needed so as not to hamper the actions of the cat.

On such a “bed” the tail will watch everything that happens in the house, quickly respond to the invitation to eat or play. Ideal fit beds, circles and boxes.

For the introvert cat, the best gift is a house where he can hide from the "hard" world.

If your furry lump of happiness combines both types of character, then buy a “bedroom” with the sides: the pet will be protected, but it will be able to watch everything.

Also pay attention to the materials. It is important that they are strong, beautiful, safe for health. From the fabric you can give preference to fur, holofiber, natural wood, velveteen and matting.

Before you buy the "bed", it is important not to make a mistake with the diameter – you need to take measurements of the pet. And measure it – from the nose along the back to the tail.

Photo: Pixabay

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