Since the beginning of this year, Belarus has supplied abroad breeding cattle in the amount of about half a million dollars.

By the end of this year, the figure should reach $ 2 million. The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Igor Brylo, informed about this on the air of the TV channel “Belarus 1”.

A representative of the Ministry noted that the Belarusian livestock is in high demand in foreign countries.

The largest export volumes fall on Russia, Georgia, and Kazakhstan. Since the beginning of the year, supplies have already reached $ 500,000. The plans – 2 million by the end of the year.

Also, the deputy minister said that the technology of production of marbled beef was developed in the republic. In this regard, he believes that processing enterprises and retail chains need to actively promote premium class meat.

Production volumes of this product increase annually in the country: last year over 3,000 tons of such meat was delivered to stores.

It was only the domestic market, now we have a very important area – this is export, – said Igor Brylo.

Photo: © Belnovosti

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