Nowadays, it’s hard to surprise a person with a domestic cat, dog or hamster. These animals have long become familiar to us, we know how to care for them and often keep them at home. And what about raccoons, whose popularity has been growing rapidly lately?

It is not surprising, because the sweet, smart face and mischievous, cheerful character will not leave anyone indifferent.

Anya lives in a private house. The girl decided to start a raccoon spontaneously, after watching funny videos on Instagram. Since Ani did not have experience in maintaining such an exotic animal, the Internet helped.

In our area, such a pet is considered exotic and there are not so many places to buy. But still they are.

– When we started searching for a raccoon, we found three selling cities: Minsk, Orsha and Grodno. We ourselves are from Mogilev, so we settled on Orsha. It was a very spontaneous decision, the guy and I did not even begin to tell anyone. Gathered and drove off. So we found a man who had only 2 of them: a boy and a girl. They took our girl, she was only a month old then. They called Vitaminka.

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The price of an animal in Belarus is from 500 to 900 rubles. It all depends on the people, namely how much they evaluate their raccoons and their work. A high price is also not an indicator of quality. Here you need to be careful and look at your pet.

– The main thing is to look at the nature and habits of the parents – this greatly affects the further development of the raccoon. Be sure to talk to the breeder about the content. A person who truly loves his pet will talk about him for hours, ”says Anya.

The registration procedure for a raccoon is free. The pet must be registered with the appropriate territorial authority. To do this, you need to write a statement and provide documents confirming the legality of owning a pet.

No matter how much you love and care for your raccoon, there is always a chance that something will happen to him. So before buying a raccoon, you need to make sure that there is a veterinarian in your city who agrees to get vaccinated and if necessary cure your pet. Vaccinations are the same as for dogs, there is no particularity here.

– At first it was difficult with Vitaminka, because we took her very tiny. We spent more than one sleepless night, the baby woke up about every three hours, fed from the bottle, then massaged the tummy with warm cotton wool, imitating the mother’s tongue so that the raccoon did not have a blockage and she could go to the toilet herself.

"Can get into the refrigerator, steal food." A girl from Mogilev brought home an unusual pet "src =" "style =" width: 730px; height: 717px;

The diet of an adult raccoon is diverse. The animal eats absolutely everything! These are mainly cereals, mashed potatoes, meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. At the same time, chocolate, citrus fruits and spicy food are strictly forbidden.

Getting a raccoon is important to understand that it requires a lot of time and attention. You need to bother with him for at least 4-5 hours a day. It is advisable not to leave the raccoon at home alone, and if this is not possible, it is important to take care of a special enclosure for the pet and be sure to close it in it for the night.

“Of course, this is not a cat or a dog, but a predator.” A raccoon can get into the refrigerator, steal food from there. There are frequent cases when a pet unscrews water taps, indulges in a gas stove and gnaws live wires. He can easily play a dirty trick in the house, so it’s better not to take his eyes off this terrorist, – Anya laughs.

"Can get into the refrigerator, steal food." A girl from Mogilev brought home an unusual pet "src =" "style =" width: 730px; height: 708px;

A raccoon's favorite pastime is finding everything that can be rinsed in water. So it’s better not to contain such a beast in the apartment, there is a risk of flooding the neighbors.

– If the raccoon wants to do something, then he will definitely do it. And if you disturb him, then you risk being left without a finger, our teeth are sharp. At the same time, they should never be beaten!

Raccoons are very vindictive. If he bit you and you hit him, then most likely that next time he will bite much more painfully. At such moments, it’s important to calm the raccoon and give it a treat. This is where the original character of the raccoon begins. To such a beast you need to find a special approach.

Raccoons are curious animals and love to pester other pets.

– Vitaminka became very friends with our shepherd. The dog, in turn, took the little raccoon into its flock and began to take care of him, like a mother. Now Vitaminka goes “tail” for the shepherd, copies its actions. They eat together, sleep together, do everything together. We did not even expect them to be able to find a common language, ”says Anya.

"Can get into the refrigerator, steal food." A girl from Mogilev brought home an unusual pet "src =" "style =" width: 729px; height: 486px;

Raccoons, just like other pets, need to walk. You need to accustom a raccoon to walking and a collar from childhood – this will be useful to both you and the raccoon. The animal will be happy, and you can relax when the exhausted raccoon at home sleeps.

Undoubtedly, this animal makes a stir among passers-by on the street.

– The surrounding is usually all in shock. A smile immediately appears on the face and no one can pass by. Most common questions:

– Is that a raccoon?
-And how much is he?
-What does he eat?
-And you can take a picture?
“Is that your raccoon?”

“It’s unusual for our people to see a raccoon on a leash, so Vitaminka always remains in the spotlight,” Anya smiles.

"Can get into the refrigerator, steal food." A girl from Mogilev brought home an unusual pet "src =" "style =" width: 729px; height: 486px;

– Is it worth getting a raccoon?

– If people do not have free time, then my answer is definitely not. Raccoons are animals that need to be monitored 24/7.

They are thieving, curious and constantly looking for adventure. But at the same time, they give a sea of ​​smiles and new emotions. Such animals are suitable for large families, when someone is sure to be at home. It’s better not to leave him alone.

Daria Vaseko

Photo: from the personal archive of the heroine

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