In North America, flying squirrels have been discovered that glow pink in the UV light. The discovery happened quite by accident. One evening, scientist John Martin from Northland College in Wisconsin went with an ultraviolet lantern to watch local night flying squirrels ( "When I heard the chirping of a squirrel, I immediately directed the light of a lantern on it and suddenly I saw a bright pink glow!" North American flying squirrel After that, Martin and his colleagues decided […]

A two-year-old dog named Cooper is considered one of only about 30 dogs in the world who were born with a very rare short spine syndrome. Because of his inconspicuous appearance, that is, without a neck and with a big head, Cooper looks more like a cartoon character or a caricature than a real dog. Cooper is an American Foxhound breed, but he was born on the so-called "puppy farm" – that is, in an illegal nursery in Halifax, Virginia. […]

Indian authorities have arrested a 45-year-old passenger of the flight Bangkok-Chennai, who was trying to smuggle a tiny live leopard cub into the country. The animal was planted in a carry-on bag and squeezed from hunger and fear. That is how the inspectors heard him at the airport and suspected that something was wrong. When they detained the passenger and demanded to open the bag, a weak monthly leopard cub weighing just over 1 kg was found in it ( […]

For the casual observer, the bird in the photos below is just a slightly slovenly painted red cardinal. But for scientists and bird lovers, this is an incredibly rare find. Fans of birds from Pennsylvania had the opportunity to observe in nature an ultra-rare anomaly – a bird of the species red cardinal, which combined the color of a male and a female ( According to scientific such a mutation is called Ginandromorphism and occurs when in one organism on […]

In the house of the 19-year-old student, Gemma Holdaway, they live their own foxes and dogs, who are friends exactly as in the famous Disney cartoon of the same name. The little fox came to Gemma by chance and she decided to raise him at home as a pet, and her dogs became mentors and behavioral patterns for the fox. This story began in March 2018, when a brood of five two-day tiny cubs ( was found on a hayloft […]

New Yorker Rene Becerra last winter saw a striped stray cat outside her apartment window. Later, the cat returned to the same place and she was not alone, but with three kittens aged about 2 months. The cat obviously chose this place because there was less wind blowing because a large tree grew close to the window ( Renee has been feeding local street cats for a long time and now she began to think how to help the new […]

Donald Chizhik, an employee of the humane society "Happy Tails Humane Society" from Illinois, was driving recently to work and suddenly saw something unusual on the road. It looked like a red box thrown into a snowdrift on the side of the road, almost completely covered with snow because of a snowthrower. But when the man got out of the car and came closer, he realized that it was a carry for animals. And moreover, it was not empty, among […]

Two Labrador Retrievers from Florida saved their mistress’s life when she suffered a stroke. When the woman was in trouble, the dogs jumped out into the street and called the neighbor, who called the ambulance. On December 3, 2018, 62-year-old Maureen Hatcher was suddenly unable to get up from her bed in the morning, as she had a stroke. Her two dogs, Bella and Sadie, were at that moment near her ( “I felt bad and then I realized that […]

80-year-old British pensioner John Summer 12 years ago saved a seagull with a broken leg. He fed the bird, as the wounded gull could not get food for itself. Since then, when he comes every day to the nearest beach, Instow Beach, near the village of Yelland, Devon, this gull recognizes him and flies to him. John gave the bird the nickname Chipi and the seagull spends with him all the time when the man is on the beach. The […]

In January 2019, the animal defenders of the Four Paws organization rescued two bears, Meimo and Amelia, from close cracked and rusty cages standing near a small restaurant in Albania. Both bears are no longer young; they have been at least 13 years old and have spent most of their life in these cages. Now both bears are already in the Arosa Bear Sanctuary bear shelter in Switzerland, where they were transported from Albania through several countries at a distance […]