The smallest bull in the world has been found. He lives in the United States. Recently, representatives of the Guinness Book of Records came to him. After verifying the unusual size of the bull, experts officially recorded a new world record among animals. The Hero of the Day video appeared on YouTube. It is known that Humphrey (the so-called unusual bull) refers to the breed of miniature zebu. He is two years old, that is, he is already an adult. […]

The animal rights activist reported poisoning and the release of animals in a rehabilitation center. The incident happened in Kaluga on August 19. This is reported by Interfax. A representative of the center reported what happened on her page on the social network Facebook. Unknowns entered the center, poisoned animals, and black-brown foxes were released from the cells. According to her, the guard did not hear anything. As for CCTV cameras, they showed nothing. Now the Rehabilitation Center needs help […]

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world, so you should better know your favorites and stop believing in popular misconceptions. Key myths: 1. A cat can fall from a height without risk to health. This ability does not have any animal on the planet. There is a shock factor here: after a stressful situation, the pet tries to get away from the place of fall to hell, so for some time it does not feel pain. […]

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection has published recommendations for the public on behavior when meeting wildlife. It is not recommended to be alone in the forest. If you nevertheless went to the forest alone, be sure to notify one of your relatives and relatives about this. Take your mobile phone, food and water with you. Clothing for going to the forest must be bright. Clothing should also protect you from the bites of wasps, bees and snakes. […]

A resident of Rostov-on-Don sells a cat, "healing from a hangover." The price is 225 thousand dollars. A funny pet ad appeared on the Avito free classified ads site. The owner indicated that he was selling a “mystical British” for 15 million Russian rubles, which healed from a hangover and averted the evil eye. Rostovites noted that the cat belongs to his wife. The woman does not want to part with the animal and hopes that no one will buy […]

In the Vileyka district, strangers abused a stray dog. The incident occurred in the village of Dolginovo. A local resident called the volunteers and said that someone had thrown a homeless dog into a cesspool with feces. EMERCOM employees and a local policeman arrived at the scene. The dog managed to get out of the toilet pit. However, upon examination, volunteers found wounds on the dog’s body. Judging by the wounds on the dog’s body, they beat it with a […]

In order for the pets to be healthy and not to experience problems with well-being, dog owners should carefully monitor the animals and also get rid of strong stereotypes and misconceptions. Experts voiced the most common myths regarding dogs: 1. If the nose is dry, then the pet is sick or does not feel well. Many owners panic if their dog’s nose is no longer wet, which is absolutely in vain. This symptom will never 100% say that the dog […]

Olga Orlova threw all her strength into picking up the dog from the flayer as soon as possible. Singer and TV presenter Olga Orlova saw shocking shots on the net. The owner tied the dog to his car and dragged along the Kiev highway. The male Alabai was very old. He could not stand such mockery, just falling exhausted on the asphalt. A video of such animal cruelty infuriated Olga Orlova. This very minute she decided to act. The star […]

Reddit users were delighted with the photograph of a cat sitting in a sink opposite two mirrors. The photo was published by the user under the nickname despisesunrise. It is known that the picture was posted on August 19. Because of the mirror, which enlarges, it seems as if the cat's head is several times larger than the body. Some users suggested that the cat itself was frightened of its reflection. This is evidenced by her muzzle. According to one […]

It turns out that cat scratches can lead to serious illnesses. Therefore, doctors strongly recommend not to play with cats and cats with the help of limbs – legs and arms. The fact is that the cat family is the carrier of the Bartonella bacteria. They can provoke the development of serious ailments in the human body, for example, rabies. By the way, if an unfamiliar cat has bitten, or if your pet has incomprehensible aggressive features, you should immediately […]