The criminal case against the “mozyr slaughterer” was transferred to the prosecutor for referral to the court. 10 kittens became victims of the man, the accused was recognized as mentally ill. According to the Investigation Committee, a 28-year-old resident of Mozyr is accused of ill-treatment of animals. It was established that in the summer of 2018, a man found announcements about the transfer of kittens into good hands, picked up animals and later mocked them. The painful actions of the […]

It turns out that the nature of cats is 50% dependent on genes. Finnish scientists have confirmed this hypothesis by research, in which 5,726 cats of 40 different breeds took part – they all had their owner. In the course of scientific work, animals were combined into 19 groups and compared them with each other. Factors such as gender, age, the ability to stay in open space and a tolerant attitude towards other pets were taken into account. The results […]

Researchers in the field of zoology conducted an experiment, with the help of which they learned why domestic cats love to sleep lying on their owners. Zoologists suggest that this can be explained by three reasons. First of all, cats love heat, and the human body radiates it. The second hypothesis says that for cats, a person is associated with his mother, therefore, ostensibly falling asleep on his mother, cats feel safe. Thirdly, cats love to sleep in convenient places, […]

In Omsk, on June 23, an emergency occurred at the zoo: a drunken man entered the aviary with a bear and lost his hand. According to preliminary information, the man was intoxicated when he decided to open the cage and feed the beast. Whether the victim is a zoo worker or came to the zoo as a visitor is not reported. It is also not known how he managed to freely enter the cage to a dangerous beast. It is […]

In the US state of Montana, there was a funny incident – a bear climbed into the house of the locals, made a pogrom and fell asleep and a closet. The owners found the bear by accident. Arriving home after work, the couple suddenly discovered that their house was locked up from the inside. How the bear blocked the door is unknown, but the doors were locked. The owners had to call the police. When residents entered the house, they […]

A group of scientists carried out excavations in the forest of Moskitia, Honduras, on the territory of the so-called City of Monkeys (White City) and was able to detect amazing creatures that were considered extinct. It is known that the researchers carried out excavations at the ruins of the lost city and were able to make an amazing discovery. For example, the pale-faced bat died out 75 years ago. Also managed to find a rare tiger beetle. By the way, […]

Researchers at James Madison University in Texas conducted a study, which was attended by 124 volunteers who needed to express their opinion about a particular dog. At what the experts provided two photos: on the first – a red dog with hanging ears, and on the second – a dog with pointed ears and a black one. Quite a lot of people gave sympathy to a red-haired dog with hanging ears, since it seemed friendly to most. The author of […]

Locals called the cat King Raddington for his unusual behavior. In England, the cat became the star of not only the village, but also the Internet. The animal has its own Facebook page, where new photos regularly appear. The popularity of Ruddington brought the fact that five years ago, he was offended by his mistress and left home. When the woman brought two kittens, which were thrown into the street, he waved his tail and went out into the yard. […]

A person can easily become infected with diseases from both wild and farm animals. Specialists listed 6 diseases: 1. Salmonellosis. You can become infected if you eat eggs that have not been heat treated. 2. West Nile Fever. Can get infected from donkeys and horses. Animals should be vaccinated, as for them the disease is fatal. Also carriers are ticks and mosquitoes. 3. Plague. Everyone knows how many people died because of illness in the Middle Ages. If the plague […]

British biologists were able to train three long-sided seals to hum tunes. Previously, the ability to imitate human sounds was considered possible only in birds, which were actively studied in this direction. The experiment was conducted with the participation of three individuals: Gandalf, Ash and Janice. From birth they were in captivity, and even those sounds that produce seals, they had to be trained. Scientists believe that against the background of this study, we can lift the veil of secrecy […]