In Gomel, a man severely beat his pitostaff dog on the street. A shocking case of animal cruelty occurred on September 8 in the morning. The witness of this incident was a girl who told about the incident. Gomelchanka said that she saw a man with two dogs near the stop "Boris Tsarikov Street". The woman was interested in the man’s behavior, and she began to watch him. According to the witness, the dogs looked painful and did not obey […]

Tibetan mastiff is the most expensive dog breed in the world. The cost of a puppy varies from 1,000 to 8,000 dollars. It is considered one of the oldest and purest breeds: Tibet has always been removed from the outside world, which saved the mastiff from crossing with other dog breeds. Tibetan mastiffs are very smart, so not everyone can use a dog who believes that he knows best what to do in certain situations. At the same time, these […]

A couple from the city of Kingston upon Hull in the UK discovered an unusual creature that was crawling in the yard. Wendy Gray and Andy Weer found the strange animal on September 5th. “A creature resembling a snake with fangs and beak that fell from the sky,” the couple described a living creature of unknown origin. It was decided to put it in a glass and learn more about it using the Internet. They failed to establish the type […]

A cat show was held in Minsk on September weekend. Maine Coons, bald sphinxes and Bengal kittens could be bought right on the spot. Some owners made concessions that day and made discounts to those who bought cats at the event. So, the price from $ 250 for Scottish kittens was reduced to $ 200. According to the administrator of the exhibition, the event has been held for the ninth consecutive year. The season begins in September after a long […]

In the city of Buinichi, Mogilev region, random passers-by found a moose that lay on the side of the road without movements. Eyewitnesses reported on the incident in the Telegram channel “Floodilka DPS Mogilev GAI”. The animal was found in the early morning of September 7 on the side of the road near the highway. The author of the photo asked the subscribers, does the moose look like a living one? Users suggested that there was an accident and that […]

Remember, in Moscow there was a case of drunken birds? Now the turn has come to Canada. Residents of the suburb of Stitsville in southern Ottawa quite often see raccoons in an incomprehensible state, as if they were really drunk. Such strange behavior inclines eyewitnesses to just such a version of what is happening. Only when intoxicated can an animal behave this way. After all, how else can one explain the fact that a raccoon is not even able to […]

Many dog ​​owners know how their pets behave on the street when they meet a random cat. Cats respond to dogs with "reciprocity" and greet with all signs of aggression. Their confrontation formed the basis of many sayings and stable expressions. However, why do these pets not want to get along with each other? Experts identified 3 main reasons: 1. The nature of cats. Cats do not particularly need contacts with other animals, preferring freedom and loneliness. Dogs, on the […]

The standard pets for Belarusians are cats, dogs, fish, but in no case raccoons or chinchillas, as in our situation. If you see a fox on a leash, then many questions immediately arise. One of which is "Why exactly this animal?" We talked with Nelly Hvalko, the owner of one of the “non-standard” pets, and found out why the choice for cats or dogs is becoming less and less. – You need to walk the dogs, but I lived in […]

A woman fell from a camel on field trips during the holidays and was seriously injured. It is known that the incident happened during a vacation in the Canary Islands. 61-year-old Karen Saccone acquired a camel tour for only 10 euros. When she began to climb a camel, he got scared and threw her off. The tourist fell on the sand, and the camel stepped on her face. Her leg is stuck in a belt. As a result, the animal […]

Now the capital's zoo is deciding on the purchase of new animals. In the near future there will appear a reed cat and lions. According to the agency "Minsk-News", some animals from the Minsk zoo are already living their lives. For example, of the three lionesses, only one remained. They also plan to build a new aviary for pheasants at the zoo. After installation, five species of pheasants numbering more than ten individuals will be settled there. To date, the […]