Some astrologers believe that the planets influence not only the character of people, but also our smaller brothers.

Experts are sure that the pet's month of birth will also reflect your pet's habits.

Aries: definitely not suitable for phlegmatic host. Such cats are extremely curious and lively, they cannot sit in one place for a long time. You need to play with them often so that they don't get bored.

Taurus: calm and lazy. Your activity in your own way can be perceived as aggression, and at a convenient moment they will be glad to take revenge.

Gemini: cats travelers, who will constantly explore new secluded places in your home.

Raki: love calm and a lot of delicious food.

Leo: such a cat will immediately want to become the master in your home.

Virgo: love cleanliness and order, so stay tuned for the condition of their bowls and trays.

Libra: they are very bad for loneliness. Try not to leave him alone for a long time.

Scorpio: the most cunning and playful cat.

Sagittarius: a proud and unconquered cat that until the end will believe only in its position. It is difficult to educate.

Capricorn: a little slow and measured animal. But very clever.

Aquarius: these cats do not like people very much and will prefer loneliness to your society.

Fish: quiet and calm cats, affectionate. They love their master very much. A bit slow and melancholic, from those that like to watch from the windows for the passers-by.

Photo: Pixabay

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