Young Peyton Dunkworth never expected that one day she would become the adoptive mother for the little foal that his real mother had abandoned.

However, she accepted this role with all her heart and this recent history has already greatly affected her life.

Two weeks ago, Peyton, a high school student in Texas, received a call from her friend, who lives on a large ranch.

And when Peyton went to visit him, she saw a small and weak foal at the ranch (Good news about animals – For some reason, his mother left her cub shortly after birth and he was very weak from hunger, and there was no one to look after him at the ranch.

When a friend Peyton noticed that the girl was very concerned about the fate of the baby, he asked her if she would like to take him to her place to feed and go out.

"He told me that the foal is in poor condition and is unlikely to survive this night. But I really love animals and I just could not let him die," the girl says.

That's how the foal settled in Peyton's house and she gave him the nickname Jack. On the first night, the foal was close to death. The girl was afraid to leave him alone and sat next to him all night, clinging to her.

The next morning, Jack was still alive, much to Peyton's delight, and she began to give him milk formula from the bottle.

Very quickly, a close relationship developed between the donkey and the girl, which can only be between a mother and her child. Every day Jack became stronger and gained weight.

Peyton fed the donkey milk every two hours and admitted that this process makes her happy too. A week later, the donkey was so strong that he began to walk and run.

Now he already feels so good that he is actively running and jumping in the back yard of Peyton's house. The girl's family adopted him as her new pet.

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"He feels very well. I take him with me for a walk and a trip in the car and he behaves like a dog, runs after me everywhere."

Although the Peyton family at first was not going to get a donkey for good, Jack seems to stay with them for the rest of his life. Fortunately, they have enough space for him on the site near the house.

After such an unusual experience, the girl herself finally understood what she would like to do in adulthood. Now she wants to continue to help animals, saving and nursing them.

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