Erin Brin from Austin, Texas, first noticed this strange cat when she was walking on the street with her boyfriend and her dog.

“We have a very hot day here, so we walk the dog mainly in the evening. We walk a couple of blocks from our house and immediately noticed this cat, which was sitting on the side of the road.

We often walk here and know all the local cats, but I saw this cat for the first time, "the girl says (Good news about animals –

The cat turned out to be very friendly and looked well-fed, so Erin decided that he definitely has a master, but it is possible that the cat was lost.

"He walked right over to us and began to rub against our legs. But when my dog ​​became interested in him, the cat aggressively tried to attack her and my friend had to rush the dog home."

Erin lingered and managed to take some photos of the cat, she wanted to post them on the city Facebook page so that someone could recognize her lost pet.

The cat was much more affectionate with the girl than with her dog, and when she went home, he seeded after her and chased her to the house. Erin tried to drive him away, but it was useless, and when she went into the house, the cat stayed outside and sat right in front of the door.

Erin began to call the cat Greg. Seeing that the cat is not leaving anywhere, she decided. that he was hungry and brought him water in a bowl and some food. And it seems that finally convinced the cat that there is a very suitable place for a new home.

"He was sitting on the porch and looking through a low, narrow window at us."

So he sat for more than an hour, and when he finally disappeared, Erin and her friend decided that the cat had finally gone to its street.

But both were wrong …

"I went to the kitchen to make something to eat and when I returned to the living room and sat on the sofa, I was amazed when I saw the cat Greg looking at me from the window in the living room."

“He just sat there and watched us as we sat on the couch and watched TV. He sat there and meowed for almost an hour. Then he tried to get into the house through the dog’s door. Then he finally left somewhere.”

The next morning, Greg was again on the porch of Erin's house and stayed there most of the day. When in the evening the girl and her friend went for a walk with the dog, the cat ran after them and kept a short distance.

"We walked the dog on a mile-long route and all this time the cat followed us."

This went on for the next four days. The cat basically sat on the porch and looked at people through a narrow window.

"I could go down at any time of the night and see his yellow eyes in the window. He carefully peered at me through the blinds. It was both funny and creepy at the same time. He always watched us."

All these days, Erin tried to find the owner of the cat. She read local sites and pages on social networks, posted a photo of a cat. But no one answered her. She even put on Greg a thin paper collar with a note for his master, in case the cat did leave for a while. But that didn't work either.

The red cat Erin, nicknamed Max, also looked at Greg and was surprised that he was sitting outside the window

At the same time, Erin did not want to call the animal catching service, she did not want the cat to go to the city shelter. She saw that the cat was healthy and that he was well groomed and did not want to. so that he has stress from the like.

“My own cat, Max, is very friendly and loves to walk around the yard and visit the house of our neighbors. And I wouldn’t want one of them to take Max to the shelter, so I don’t want the same for Greg.”

From time to time, Erin wanted to finally let the poor cat inside the house, but he was still aggressive towards her dog and she was afraid that they would fight.

Finally, things got off the ground when a volunteer from a local humane society came to Erin's house and had a microchip scanner for pets with him. He scanned the cat and found out that he has a microchip and the address of his master and his name are indicated there.

It turned out that the cat is actually called Kylo and that his house is a few blocks from Erin's house. And Kylo just once jumped out the door of the apartment and got lost. The owner of the cat, Michael Navarrete, immediately came after him when they called him, and finally took the extremely persistent cat back to his home.

“Look who came home.” “I missed you, buddy!” Wrote Michael Navarrete on his Facebook page that very evening.

"He (Navaretta) was very happy to see the cat. He even cried for about five minutes."

And Erin and her boyfriend suddenly began to miss their temporary furry friend.

“The next day, my friend said,“ I wonder what Greg is doing now. ”And I said,“ Yes, I think about him too. ”It was such a determined cat and he kept trying to get into my house. Very decisive.”

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