The Katmai National Park, located in Alaska, is rightfully proud of its bears.

And now, for the fifth year before the start of winter, the reserve’s employees are asking visitors to the park and just Internet users to choose the thickest bear from those that this year caught the eye of people.

Before hibernation, Alaskan bears (as well as Russian ones) try to gain more subcutaneous fat by eating intensely. The thicker the bear, the easier it will be for him to winter in the den.

This year, among the contenders for the title of "Bear Kolobok" were very worthy candidates, the pictures of which can be seen below.

Like fat cats, fat bears strive for a perfect ball shape.

In total, about 2200 brown bears live in the park. For them there is plenty of food, especially salmon in the rivers, so they do not starve.

“The more fat bears in our park, the better is the health indicator of these animals. Winter hibernation can last almost half a year, and all this time the bear eats nothing and eats only at the expense of fat reserves. By spring, bears usually lose up to a third of their body weight” , says one of Katmai National Park employees.

And here is a worthy winner of this year!

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