Do you know how humpback whales create “nets” to catch fish? It turns out that they make them out of many bubbles, diving in a special way and diving in one place.

This amazing video (see below) was shot by a drone launched offshore Alaska by marine biologists.

The humpback whales creating this amazing “bubble” dance were also previously equipped with special sensors with video cameras, so biologists not only shot them from above from the drone, but also received a direct image from the cameras on the whales (Good news about animals – .

On these cameras one can clearly see how the whales release many bubbles from the nostrils, and then they rise sharply in a spiral, creating a kind of tunnel from the bubbles. The fish that got into this tunnel seems to be locked in a chamber and the whale then only has to open its mouth and eat it.

Humpback whales migrate to Alaska in the summer and feed on fish there until the fall, after which they go for wintering in warm waters to the shores of Hawaii. There, in Hawaii, they breed and raise their young.

During breeding, whales eat almost nothing, so it is especially important for them to eat plenty of fish and krill in Alaska.

Scientists have long noticed that humpback whales use unusual hunting tactics, but only now they managed to capture it in all its glory thanks to new technologies.

However, not all humpback whales hunt in this way, many have completely different methods.

This tactic of bubble “nets”, in addition to humpback whales, is also used by Bride whales and bottlenose dolphins when they feed on fish off the coast of Florida.

Humpback whale

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