It all started when caring residents of Podolsk noticed a black and white cat in a blue collar in a foreign car parked at home.

The first cat noticed (and photographed) by a local resident Alexei Panfilovsky. The cat was sitting in a car standing on the street 50 years of October.

When Alex posted a photo of the cat on VKontakte's social network, commentators began to resent the cruelty of the cat's owner. Someone suggested finding the owner by the number of his car and his phone was soon found. The owner of the cat was Rinat.

Alas, Rinat did not answer calls, and the cat continued to sit in the car and meowed plaintively.

Photo: Alexey Panfilovsky

"He seems to be sitting for a long time, from the last day! The windows in the car were even fogged up. The owner couldn’t get through, the call goes on, he doesn’t pick up the phone. This cat is domestic, he often walks in this yard. He’s affectionate, contact. Like a pet he ended up in the car, I can’t imagine, "wrote Alex.

Soon, police joined the case of the animal imprisoned in the cabin. A local district policeman arrived and soon he finally managed to get through to Rinat. After that, the owner of the cat hastily arrived at the place and rescued the pet from the car.

According to Rinat, the cat’s name is Funtik and the other day he jumped out of his apartment and ran away somewhere. Rinat was looking for a cat, but couldn’t guess at the inside of the car (and no one would have guessed in his place). Rinat does not know how the cat ended up in the locked car.

“They found and saved Funtik. Thanks to the caring people who informed me of his whereabouts,” Rinat commented on the situation.

Meanwhile, Anton Gritsyk, a member of the Law Chamber of the Moscow Region, warned that in such situations, residents should contact the local police station directly, which is assigned to the address where the animal is located.

“The policeman will arrive at the place and open the glass. If the police officer refuses to make the call, then article 245 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation works – animal cruelty. Then you need to file a statement with the prosecutor’s office in this situation and resolve the issue,” summed up Gritsyk.

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