A New Yorker named Vanessa volunteers with the local cat rescue community. Once she took home one of the rescued cats, and then another street cat came to her on her own.

"I'm joking now that somewhere there probably is a poster for cats indicating that if you need help, you can come to my house," Vanessa says.

A Torbi cat (tortie color with small stripes) one day simply appeared at the porch of Vanessa's house and meowed plaintively, begging for food.

At the same time, she was very cautious and fearful, she did not allow Vanessa to approach her and began to eat only when the woman went away (Good news about animals – goodnewsanimal.ru).

After some time, Vanessa noticed that the cat had a rounded stomach, which looked like a pregnancy, and then (this happened on September 1) the cat did not come to Vanessa's house at the time that she usually came.

The next day, she returned and began to beg for food as if nothing had happened, and no longer had a big belly. Vanessa realized that the cat gave birth to kittens somewhere and that cool nights would soon go and the kittens would need a much more reliable shelter.

Vanessa decided to gain the confidence of the cat, so that she would be allowed to get closer to herself, and then trace where she goes to find kittens.

"Now she was very hungry, she could eat canned wet food at a time, and then meow again, begging for food. I was happy to see that she comes to me on purpose and needs my help."

To feed the cat, Vanessa began to expose her food three times a day. But a whole week passed. before the cat finally began to trust her and now did not run away when Vanessa came close.

"Once she ate and I started stroking her, and then her confidence grew even more."

And then Vanessa carefully followed the cat and she led her directly to her hidden nest at the fence behind the old car tires. There were four kittens in the cat.

Vanessa found out that the cat leaves the nest only in order to come to her for food. The rest of the time she lay there and fed and warmed her kittens.

Every day, the trust between the cat and Vanessa grew and soon the cat came straight to the door of Vanessa's house, begging for food.

When the kittens grew a bit, the cat began to drag kittens to new shelters and then Vanessa understood. it’s time to intervene. Once she came to a new nest of a cat with a large carrying and put there the cat and all her kittens, after which she carried them to her home.

"Everything went fine, the cat seems to understand that she and her cubs will be fine with me. They have grown accustomed to the new place overnight."

Now the cat has a warm, clean and soft bed for her and her kittens, and there is always plenty of food and water nearby. When the kittens grow even more, Vanessa will look for new owners for them and their mothers.

Kittens and cat now

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