Just three months ago, in July 2019, for the first time, small dik-dik (dikdik) antelopes were brought to the Novosibirsk zoo. Two females and one male were brought here from the zoos of Moscow and Bratislava.

Pregnancy at wild dicks lasts a little less than 6 months, so when the other day the female gave birth to the first wild dick in the history of the Novosibirsk Zoo, it became clear that the baby was conceived in another zoo.

That is why the birth of the baby was a complete surprise for the zoo employees, they expected it much later and did not know that the female came to them with a "surprise".

Dik-dik is an African antelope, in nature they live in areas of East Africa from Namibia to Somalia and reach 30-40 cm in height and 50-70 cm in length. Sometimes wild dikes are called deer, but they are antelopes.

It is easiest to distinguish between males and females in appearance by small horns, females do not have them, but males have them and they are quite sharp. Also, in appearance, females are slightly larger than males, while smaller males still dominate the group.

It is curious that the wilds create monogamous couples, choosing for themselves only one partner for life. It is hard to say how the relations between females and males in the Novosibirsk zoo will develop in this case.

In the photographs presented by the zoo, the cub is not visible, only adult wild-animals are shown. The kid is hiding behind the hay. Zoo employees additionally ask visitors not to scare antelopes and cubs. The baby wild-dick the first two months feeds exclusively on mother's milk. However, it is very tiny, weighs about 600 grams.

Wild dick female and her cub in nature

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