This amazing story happened in Seattle (USA). A woman named Pam Corwin was walking around the Pike Place Market when she saw two pairs of people with dogs of the same breed Golden Retriever.

The couples were not familiar and accidentally ended up in one place, but their dogs barely noticed each other as they began to wag their tails and poke their faces, roll on the floor, and then try to play.

It looked as if every dog ​​met an old friend, while their owners were very surprised by the similar reaction of their dogs (Good news about animals –

Pam, meanwhile, came up and began to listen to what people were saying and was amazed. It turns out that these two female retriever nicknamed Maui and Juniper, two sisters from the same litter, were brought from Russia to Seattle in 2017 on the same plane as small puppies.

After that, they were taken to different families and the dogs did not see each other for a year. Nevertheless, they immediately recognized each other.

Maui and Juniper both looked very similar in appearance, of the same size and article. Their owners even checked the availability of special tattoos, which are given to puppies in the kennels, and they also coincided.

“This joyful reunion lasted more than half an hour and they still stood there when I went to the store. I heard that they exchanged phones so that they could continue to meet dogs,” said Pam Corwin.

Pam also admitted that this event made her happy. It was a very touching and sincere scene.

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