A little Chihuahua named Tim lives with Labrador Ben and loves to ride him.

Their mistress, 52-year-old Jenny Leach, loves both dogs equally, but Tim constantly seemed to be not noticed. Therefore, he began to climb on Ben to seem taller. Very quickly, it became a constant habit.

It was Ben who first appeared in Jenny’s house and now the Labrador is already 10 years old. He is phlegmatic, calm and very good-natured. All the tricks of nimble Tim, he demolishes without blinking an eye.

Tim quickly realized that if you also ride a Labrador, then his small paws will not get so tired.

And then he realized that you can even swim on the big shaggy Ben without even soaking your feet (Good news about animals – goodnewsanimal.ru).

Jenny took the Chihuahua in 2016, at first for a temporary overexposure, but the baby quickly liked her and she decided to leave him for good. Especially when I saw that Ben and Tim quickly became friends.

At home, Tim loves to sleep on Ben's broad back, and when he wakes up, then ride him into the kitchen to a bowl of food.

And from the back of a friend it is very convenient to watch what is tasty on the table.

Jenny, who successfully raised three children, loves dogs very much. She and her husband Scott have been taking dogs from a local shelter for many years. However, Tim was the first and last whom they decided to keep forever. Baby chihuahua in a special fuse in the hearts of both.

Ben and Tim even have their own Instagram with almost 20 thousand subscribers.

“Ben has the biggest and kindest dog’s heart that I have ever met. And Tim loves attention and lies on soft and warm. They have a very harmonious combination.”

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