A two-year-old dog named Cooper is considered one of only about 30 dogs in the world who were born with a very rare short spine syndrome.

Because of his inconspicuous appearance, that is, without a neck and with a big head, Cooper looks more like a cartoon character or a caricature than a real dog.

Cooper is an American Foxhound breed, but he was born on the so-called "puppy farm" – that is, in an illegal nursery in Halifax, Virginia. When the kennel was opened, the local zoo defenders took all the dogs from it to a Minnesota orphanage (goodnewsanimal.ru).

There it turned out that one puppy has a very rare shortened spine syndrome.

Because of this syndrome, the head of the dog immediately goes into the body and therefore he cannot turn his head, and can only look straight. He also has a big problem with walking on straight surfaces, but otherwise Cooper is the most common dog.

Despite the strange look, Cooper is charming, especially when he smiles. Perhaps that is why the spouses Ellie and Andy Keegan chose him when they came to the shelter for a dog.

Keegans are big dog lovers and three different breeds already lived in their home to Cooper – Skylar, Tuva and Veylon.

“Cooper is a happy dog, despite walking problems and skeletal abnormalities,” says Ellie Keegan. “He cannot walk on hard surfaces, nor can he move his body around his neck and sacrum. When he needs to look back, he turns whole body at once. "

When Cooper came from a nursery to a shelter, he was in a deplorable state and few people thought that he would survive. The puppy did not rise at all on the paws, went to the toilet under him, and he had fleas and worms. But by some miracle the staff of the shelter managed to get out.

“His medical problems didn’t leave him, unfortunately, after he came to our family. One day he unsuccessfully fell and injured his spine around the neck in five places! And two months ago, he began to behave as if he had it hurts a lot. It turned out that he has a bone infection – osteomyelitis. His spine is his biggest pain point. Fortunately, while we can cope with this with antibiotics. "

Cooper also had spinal surgery, after which it became a little easier for him to walk.

Cooper is a very friendly dog ​​and always attracts a lot of attention, wherever he appears.

"It is known that most puppies with such a syndrome were euthanized immediately after birth. They say that the whole thing is closely related, it is because of him that such a defect occurs. It’s very sad to think of such things and the dishonesty of breeders who cares about him and he will live with us all the life measured by him by nature "

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