The presence of pets is always good, because they create comfort and give warmth to the owners. However, cats and cats can spoil the mattress at any time, which will create serious difficulties.

But the fact is that cat urine has in its composition many chemical elements that cannot be removed using ordinary water and means. Therefore, everyone should know how to effectively get rid of the smell and what recommendations should be remembered during the procedure.

Emergency measures

Cat urine has an unpleasant property – it is quickly absorbed. And if you don’t do anything right away, getting rid of the smell will be very difficult in the future.

Therefore, as soon as the “gift” appeared, it is necessary to take dry wipes and try to soak urine into them. At this time, in no case should you rub the stain, because this can only aggravate the situation. The movements should be smooth, also not worth the effort.

As soon as it turned out to get rid of the obvious manifestation, it is worth using absorbents. They will help absorb a large number of “odorous” substances and simplify the further struggle.

Sorbents or salt may be used as absorbents. If for some reason they were not at hand or there are certain concerns, you can use cat litter. It is also capable of absorbing odors and fighting moisture. It is important to spill the stain over the entire area and after 10-15 minutes to remove absorbents or other materials that have been applied.

What can not be used

In no case should you use the following tools:

1) Detergents that contain chlorine in their composition. Such preparations can cause irreparable harm to the upholstery and create additional difficulties. And most importantly, bleaching powder in combination with urine can only enhance the smell, although in the first minutes it is not so easy to notice.

2) Also it is impossible to apply: deodorants, perfumes and aromatic oils. All of these products simply hide odors, but in reality do not give any effect. Cat urine can retain an unpleasant odor for a long time, so you can not do without more effective ways.

Vinegar, Soda and Peroxide

All these funds can be attributed to folk, but it is they that can most often come to the rescue. But the fact is that these funds can be found in any home, so they will always be at hand.

To apply vinegar, just stir it with water, and then treat the stain with a spray bottle or a damp cloth (extreme case). One hour after treatment with a damp cloth, it is necessary to remove the remaining vinegar.

It is enough to pour soda over the entire area where there was cat urine. After this, you need to wait a few hours until the soda has its effect. When time passes, the soda must be vacuumed. In no case should you rub it with a damp cloth – this will leave additional traces.

Peroxide must be used with water. For 200 ml of water, it is enough to add one teaspoon of peroxide and spray the spot using a spray bottle. After a few hours, the area of ​​the mattress needs to be passed with a damp cloth.

Each of these methods has certain disadvantages and advantages. But it is these components that can be found in any home. And most importantly, you need to fight urine immediately, because over time, the struggle will become impossible.

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