Despite the fact that the law obliges dog owners to walk them only in muzzles, no one is immune from the attack.

Some owners deliberately ignore the rules, although they understand that their dog behaves aggressively. Also a homeless animal or a guard can attack – if its guard is located nearby.

The rules of conduct for an attack are simple:

1. Do not run away. This is not a movie, any dog ​​runs much faster than a man. By your flight, you warm up the hunter's instinct, the more provoke.

2. Do not be afraid: dogs have a good nose, they sense your fear very well. Stay confident and calm.

3. Adopt the correct posture. A person must show that he holds a dominant position. To do this, you need to straighten your shoulders, put your foot forward and shout to the dog in a loud confident voice. You can throw a stone or a stick at it.

4. When you meet a rabid animal – call for help. Every bite can be fatal for you.

Photo: Pixabay

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