In summer, the danger of heat stroke exists not only for people, but also for pets.

Veterinarians told about 4 rules that must be followed during the hot season:

1. Pay attention to the temperature of the animal. Normal dog body temperature varies depending on the breed, but it should not exceed 40 degrees.

2. Access to fluid. Be sure to ensure that your pet was provided with drinking water at room temperature. If you are going together for a picnic, then do not forget to pour in liquid for the pet.

3. Walking. Do not walk the dog in the sun. Prefer early morning and late evening when it’s not hot outside. You can also take care that the animal has access to the fan.

4. Do not leave in the car. At the very least, make sure that the animal is provided with normal circulation of fresh air. Otherwise, the health of the animal can be seriously damaged.

Photo: Pixabay

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