On June 2, a 7-year-old girl suffered from a dog bite in Grodno. The dog bit the child when it passed near the cafe.

According to the Department of Internal Affairs of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee, the girl, at the request of her mother, went to a nearby cafe for kvass.

At one of the tables was a 31-year-old man. Next to him lay a half-breed dog. The girl did not try to get close to the animal and stroke it, but at some point the dog approached and bit the girl by the hand.

The owner of the dog did not pay attention to it and left the institution. However, another cafe visitor made a remark to him, and later informed the police about the incident.

Upon the incident, a series of examinations was appointed. It is known that the owner of the dog was previously brought to administrative responsibility for violating the rules of keeping pets.

Photo: Department of Internal Affairs of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee

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