Indian authorities have arrested a 45-year-old passenger of the flight Bangkok-Chennai, who was trying to smuggle a tiny live leopard cub into the country.

The animal was planted in a carry-on bag and squeezed from hunger and fear. That is how the inspectors heard him at the airport and suspected that something was wrong.

When they detained the passenger and demanded to open the bag, a weak monthly leopard cub weighing just over 1 kg was found in it (

The baby was so hungry that the airport staff immediately began feeding him bottle-milk. The video below captures this moment.

At the moment, the smuggler is taken under protection and it turns out what country he is a citizen and to whom he was carrying the calf.

According to the laws of India, leopards are protected as an endangered species, hunting is prohibited, and private import or export of leopards from the country is illegal.

In total, about 12-14 thousand leopards remain in the wild in India. The reduction in their numbers is mainly due to the development of cities and villages that capture the territories inhabited by leopards, as well as due to poaching.

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