US police seized more than 300 hedgehogs, two kangaroos and a python, who for a long time illegally resided in a shopping center in Michigan. According to local law enforcement agencies, a statement about the illegal keeping of exotic animals came from one of the citizens. A search was conducted, as a result of which violations were identified in the shopping center. It is reported that the room contained more than 300 hedgehogs, 6 rabbits, 3 large iguanas, 2 kangaroos, […]

Many cat owners are aware of their pet’s habit of sleeping with their owner. Experts were able to answer why animals like to sleep in human society: 1. She wants to treat you. There are legends about the healing power of cats. Animals determine which part of your body hurts and try to settle down there. It is very easy to determine for cats: a sore spot is much warmer than the rest of the body. 2. Love affection. Despite […]

Experts have collected the most popular myths about cats, which are often present among furry pet breeders. Firstly, not all cats love stroking, some do not like to touch them at all. In addition, you can not put much pressure on them at the time of stroking, because it annoys them. But almost all cats love gentle scratching behind the ear and just below the cheeks. Secondly, if the cat does not obey, this does not mean that he feels […]

Astrologers decided to tell which pet is most suitable for different signs of the zodiac. Therefore, if you want to have a pet, check out this article. Aries The energies of these people can be envied. Therefore, astrologers recommend that representatives of this Zodiac Sign pay attention to dogs. It is desirable that this be an active breed. Aries will be very interested in walking with such a dog on the street. Taurus It is advisable for people born under […]

In Grodno, cases of microsporia became more frequent. If over the past six months only 13 cats and 1 dog were infected with this dangerous disease, then only in July alone this disease was recorded in 14 animals. Today, this number is only increasing. Doctors warn that this skin disease is difficult to identify even with the help of special medical equipment. In case of any suspicion it is better to consult a doctor. If you see that the pet […]

In Mogilev, "bad" treat pets. The State Control Committee for the Mogilev region reported violations in compliance with the legislation on the treatment of pets. There are some serious flaws. For example, many owners do not register dogs and do not pay tax on their ownership. As a result, the budget each year receives less than 70-100 thousand rubles. Also, dog owners walk their pets with violations: without leashes, muzzles, in the wrong places, they go to shopping facilities and […]

Poodles are great companions that are perfect for keeping in the apartment. Veterinarians told the most interesting facts about the breed: 1. Pop King Elvis Presley was a loyal fan of this breed: he himself had several dogs, and he also tried to give poodles to all those who were dear to him. 2. In the guise that the poodle is presented today, it was bred in Germany. However, the greatest popularity went to dogs from the French: in this […]

Many people can not imagine their life without pets who walk in the garden and give their warmth to the owners. However, experienced gardeners know that cute and gentle pets can cause serious harm to the garden. Therefore, every summer resident should know how to protect the green spaces from the attacks of cats or dogs, which can cause serious harm. Who does serious damage It is enough to take only two of the most popular pets as a basis: […]

Someone leads raccoons and chanterelles on a leash through the streets of Minsk, while someone keeps dozens of poisonous spiders at home. A resident of the capital shared why she brought exotic animals and how much it costs to care for them. How long have you been fond of such exotic? Who was the first unusual pet? – I have been fond of this for a very long time, since childhood. I still remember that I have favorite pages in […]

Researchers at the University of Rennes conducted an experiment that proved that dogs have one very useful feature. If you properly prepare a four-legged friend, then you can easily train your dog to recognize and warn about epileptic seizures. Academics are convinced that people can have control over the situation only if they are warned of an impending state. In this case, it will be possible to seek help in time and prevent unpleasant consequences. In order to confirm this […]