In Thailand, wild elephants attacked a couple. It became known that the animals were looking for their own food. At some point, they stumbled upon a tent in which lovers were resting. AFP reports what happened. The woman managed to hide under the truck, which stood nearby. The man tried to escape, but he did not succeed. One of the elephants pierced him with his tusk. As a result of his injuries, the man died on the spot. Deforestation in […]

The Russian government intends to ban trainers from using violence during rehearsals. This is stated in the draft resolution of the Cabinet. The document states that in relation to animals it will be prohibited to use means and methods that cause pain, suffering or stress. It is proposed to train with the help of rewards. It is also impossible to teach animals to do what they cannot by nature and perform complex tricks. You can not give them stimulants and […]

Biologists in Corsica have discovered a new species of feline family. The species is called “cat fox”, scientists from the National Board of Hunting and Wildlife of France are working on the official name. It is noted that the DNA of the "cat fox" is very different from the DNA of the wild cat, which lives on the European continent. The new type of cat is very similar to the usual home, but the size is much larger, as well […]

An unusual incident occurred in the Chinese city of Aksu. There was a sheep under the car. Near the wounded "girlfriend" crowded a whole herd of animals. A video appeared on the Web, which shows how courageous tribeswomen defended the “companion” from passing cars. A far from atypical incident on camera was filmed by one of the witnesses. Soon the video appeared on the Newsflare Internet site. On the video you can see that at least a dozen sheep have […]

Researchers from the UK and the USA told how dogs learned to manipulate people. As it turned out, in the process of evolution, dogs developed small facial muscles, which helps them now to imitate the “childish” expression of the muzzle, which people like so much. In scientific work it is told that such “puppy eyes” made these animals domestic. It was previously believed that this physiology of the face was characteristic of dogs from the very beginning of their existence, […]

A new experiment from the University of Bristol made it clear how owners of aggressive dogs manage them. According to dog handlers, there should be a soft toughness in raising dogs: the dog should perceive you as the owner, who is stronger than her, but at the same time as a friend. If you use the methods of punishment, then nothing good can be achieved, only aggravate the situation, so you need to delete it from the list. The best […]

The National Statistical Committee has published data on the volume of agricultural production in the country. According to these figures, in Belarus in the first five months of this year, the figure fell by 1.3%. In other words, for the indicated period of time in all farms of the republic the volume of production of the agricultural sector in monetary terms amounted to 4.7 billion rubles, which is 1.3% less compared to the same period of 2018. Production of livestock […]

In Brest a whole flock of rare bats settled in one of the high-rise buildings. In the ZHES, they say that it is impossible to evict uninvited guests – bats of the small evening party look are protected species. About an interesting incident told on the air of Belarusian television. Residents of the house told that they were forced to live literally next door to bats. Residents claim that mice sometimes fly into apartments. Experts say that bats in the […]

All lovers of tails who suffer from allergies can breathe out and smile: experts have called a way to get rid of allergies. It turns out that the method is simple – just need to include in the diet egg product with immunoglobulin Y. The fact is that this antibody can suppress the production of the Fel d1 allergen in the cat family, which in most cases, at about 95%, is the main cause of unpleasant symptoms. The allergenic substance […]

Specialists in the field of zoology from Finland, representing the University of Helsinki, conducted a large-scale scientific study on the behavioral differences between certain feline breeds. It turns out that the breed affects the activity, aggressiveness, and other parameters of the pet. According to the authors of the experiment, after the tails reach two weeks of age, their activity becomes a permanent feature, but at the same time various external factors can change it. Three breeds were involved in the […]