Recently, the leadership of the zoo Henry Doorly Zoo, in the American city of Omaha (Nebraska), with pride finally officially announced that they are growing two cubs of snow leopard (snow leopard). Young male and female were born on May 22, but they were only recently examined and vaccinated because they did not want to disturb their mother in vain. 5-year-old female Rosemary became the mother of the kids, and 10-year-old Pasha became the father (Good news about animals – […]

A battered red cat, who looked about 6 years old and who probably spent all these years on the street, was caught and placed in an orphanage in the humane society of Minnesota in early summer 2019. The cat looked like he had survived fights with a dozen cats and dogs, his body was covered with scars, one ear hung like a rag and he almost lost his eye. At the same time, he also revealed the feline immunodeficiency virus […]

A little Chihuahua named Tim lives with Labrador Ben and loves to ride him. Their mistress, 52-year-old Jenny Leach, loves both dogs equally, but Tim constantly seemed to be not noticed. Therefore, he began to climb on Ben to seem taller. Very quickly, it became a constant habit. It was Ben who first appeared in Jenny’s house and now the Labrador is already 10 years old. He is phlegmatic, calm and very good-natured. All the tricks of nimble Tim, he […]

This amazing story happened in Seattle (USA). A woman named Pam Corwin was walking around the Pike Place Market when she saw two pairs of people with dogs of the same breed Golden Retriever. The couples were not familiar and accidentally ended up in one place, but their dogs barely noticed each other as they began to wag their tails and poke their faces, roll on the floor, and then try to play. It looked as if every dog ​​met […]

When a huge snake looks directly into the lens of your camera, you will probably have a strong desire to quickly get away from it. But diver Bartolomeo Beauvais is so easy not to scare. Previously, he swam in the ocean next to sharks, and in order to meet the anaconda in its natural habitat, he specially flew to Brazil. Anaconda is the largest snake in the world (of the living ones), they can reach 6-7 meters in length, although […]

A resident of the state of Delaware Jeff Permar very carefully cares for his small garden, which is behind his private house and next to the forest. And of course he was very upset when he realized that some strange animal began to regularly come to his garden and eat a variety of vegetables (Good news about animals – The animal did not cause much damage, but Jeff was still very unpleasant, he put a lot of his work […]

A dog named Kato of the bullet breed (Hungarian Shepherd) suddenly became a temporary adoptive mother for the young Posum cub. Possums (not to be confused with possums) are Australian marsupials, the size of a small rabbit. They live in trees, feed mainly on fruits and are considered endangered species. The owners of Kato – the couple Sally and John Watkinson live in a suburb of Melbourne and love to walk in local parks with their two dogs. And just […]

For 10 years now, a large Bengal cat named Paul Newman has been arriving daily at the Merseyside railway station located on the Liverpool South Parkway line. The cat lives in a private house next to the station, but instead of walking around other people's private yards, he is attracted to the station by something. The cat began to come here as a kitten. Basically, he just sits or lies somewhere on a platform seat, not approaching the dangerous rails. […]

The jokes that in Australia everything that creeps, runs or flies will most likely want to kill you are just jokes. However, each joke has its own share of truth – in Australian waters and bushes there are really a lot of living creatures, which are better to stay away from. 10 Wart Warts are fish of the genus Brisket and among them stands out a special stone fish (Synanceia verrucosa), which has extremely poisonous spines on its back. Stone […]

A young dog not older than 1 year old was found in the Mexican city of Sonora. A terrible wound gaped on her face, apparently inflicted by a firecracker. Most likely, the dog was scoffed at by the dog. Due to a firecracker explosion in a poor dog, nicknamed Bravehart (“Braveheart”), instead of a nose there was a hole with torn edges, and the bones of the jaws were partially broken and fragmented. When the dog got to the volunteers, […]