Researchers from the University of Oregon conducted a lot of research on the topic of cat independence, and for good reason: the results will please fans of purring creatures.

In fact, cats are not so independent, and the widespread opinion about this is nothing more than a myth.

It's no secret that once in ancient times these animals were considered sacred in Egypt, because they served the goddess Bast, who endowed them with magical powers.

Now the magical charm of fluffy ones is not taken seriously, but their hunting skills help in guarding food stores from mice and rats.

After numerous attempts, scientists have identified the real intentions of cats, they still managed to prove that the man for these animals in the first place.

Zoologists note that, in reality, cats perceive their master as a surrogate mother or relative, who has a good soul and constantly takes care of them.

Psychologists who specialize in cats, noted that for these animals man is the whole world, especially for pets, so they try to cure the owner with their energy, raise his spirits and level his energy field.

Photo: Pixabay

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