Last month, a young street cat came into the fire station in the bitter cold in the hope that people would help her.

The Steinbach Fire Department fire station attendant in the city of Steinbach, Manitoba (Canada), was very surprised when he passed by and saw how the little cat persistently looks out the window directly at him.

"It was a cold evening and she was standing outside the window. When one of our firefighters went outside, she ran straight towards him."

The cat did not go anywhere and continued to sit under the window (

In appearance, she did not seem homely and it was clear that she had nowhere to go. The firemen let the cat into the room, fearing that it would freeze in the freezing night.

In the warmth, the cat could be seen better; it turned out to be dirty and was very hungry. But at the same time the cat immediately responded to the caress of purring.

The head of the station, Kelvin Tui, with whom four cats already lived at home, suggested temporarily taking care of this cat and taking it to his home. He gave her the nickname Amber and the next day took her to the vet for an examination. Apart from a slight frostbite on the tips of the ears, the veterinarian recognized the cat as completely healthy.

"I sent her photo and story on Facebook, maybe someone lost it. But when a few days no one responded. We took her back to the vet again, where she was vaccinated and found ear mites from her, from which started to heal. "

During these inspections, Amber did not resist at all, but seemed to enjoy human attention.

Some firefighters wanted to make Ember a station cat, but it turned out that the station has days off when there is not even a person on duty and there will be no one to look after the cat.

Then they decided to find a permanent owner for her. So far, the cat has been thoroughly redeemed, and after 10 days it has been sterilized. Amber quickly recovered after the operation and is now gaining weight well and starts playing with toys in a temporary family.

“We’ve posted her photos and Facebook ads, and it looks like we’ve already found a host for her,” Calvin Tui said recently.

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