A citizen of Belarus was detained near Smolensk, whose car was full of reindeer and elk horns. According to the Office of the Rosselkhoznadzor in the Bryansk and Smolensk regions, an unusual load was noticed by the traffic police officers when inspecting a car. The driver could not explain the origin of the trophies. In addition, it turned out that the horns were transported without the necessary veterinary accompanying documents confirming their safety. According to the press service of the […]

Black leopards (they are also black panthers) are so rare in Africa that they are considered almost mythical animals. In other countries in nature, they are also found only in units, and most of these animals contain (and reproduce) in zoos. This ultra-rare black leopard was captured by a British photographer, Will Burrard-Lucas, when he came to the Kenyan park of Laikipia Wilderness Camp. The photographer came to this place on purpose, since from childhood he had heard that there […]

Due to the negligence of the chief zootechnician in the SEC of the Grodno district, almost 100 head of livestock suffered. As the prosecutor's office of the Grodno region told, due to the fault of the livestock technician at the enterprise, they were preparing food for animals incorrectly – they added a special additive with an excess. Due to ignorance, the workers of dairy farms introduced into the animal diet an additive that was several times higher than the amount […]