It turns out that the aggressiveness of stray dogs depends on where they are in the pack hierarchy. This hypothesis was put forward by researchers from the University of Exeter in the UK. The experts for six months studied the behavior of stray animals, they all kept in the same flock. Before the start of the study, academics set a goal – to find out which of the dogs most often attacks people, bites, barks or adopts a threatening posture. […]

A new experiment from the University of Bristol made it clear how owners of aggressive dogs manage them. According to dog handlers, there should be a soft toughness in raising dogs: the dog should perceive you as the owner, who is stronger than her, but at the same time as a friend. If you use the methods of punishment, then nothing good can be achieved, only aggravate the situation, so you need to delete it from the list. The best […]

In Britain, a woman suffered from a cow attack attacking her granddaughter. 49-year-old Lisa Wells went for a walk through the village with her granddaughter. According to an eyewitness, on their way was a bull, as well as a large number of cows. About the incident reports the Daily Post. Grandmother and granddaughter tried to escape, but the herd rushed after them. The girl managed to escape, and the cows hit her grandmother several times. Soon people came to the […]