Scientists have long studied the properties of animals to positively affect human health. Which pets turned out to be the most “useful”: 1. Cats. Their healing properties have been known since time immemorial. Cats can really treat humans better than other animals. The cat’s ability to establish heart rate and blood pressure has been scientifically proven. Also, communication with cats will help get rid of bad mood, depression and mental disorders. 2. Dogs. Their saliva has an excellent antimicrobial effect. […]

Sammy Lee from New Zealand admitted to the live show Good Morning Britain that she loves hunting and enjoys it. For this recognition, the girl was shamed. It is reported by The Sun. A 22-year-old girl posts photos of dead kangaroos, wild boars, ducks and deer on her Instagram. By the way, she does not go hunting alone, but with her fiancé. Hunting dogs help them keep track of their prey. Also, the couple loves fishing. According to the girl, […]

About 13 thousand animals could have suffered from large-scale natural fires in Siberia. Such an amount leads the Russian branch of Greenpeace. Environmentalists used data that contains the habitats of wild animals by species. Specialists checked the areas that were affected and continue to suffer from fires. The estimated number of animals that became victims of the elements was calculated. More than 5.5 thousand sables, 2.7 thousand wild reindeers, 1.5 thousand moose and 300 bears were affected. It is assumed […]

Experts in the field of psychology from the National Institute of Mental Health and Charles University in the Czech Republic conducted a large-scale scientific study to find out which animals people are most afraid of. The experiment involved 1800 adult volunteers, whose average age ranged from 33 to 55 years. The subjects were shown images of animals – they had to choose the one that scared them and caused disgust. As a result, it turned out that most of all […]

If you do not get your pet vaccinated against rabies in time, then this can have dire consequences for both the owners and the pet. Rabies is considered an acute infectious disease, which is caused by a virus that is transmitted from saliva from a sick animal to a healthy one, mainly due to bites, scratching, spills, and contaminated secretions from the wound or mucosa. The symptoms of rabies are very easy to determine, because the CNS is affected, a […]

The Russian government intends to ban trainers from using violence during rehearsals. This is stated in the draft resolution of the Cabinet. The document states that in relation to animals it will be prohibited to use means and methods that cause pain, suffering or stress. It is proposed to train with the help of rewards. It is also impossible to teach animals to do what they cannot by nature and perform complex tricks. You can not give them stimulants and […]

From Monday, May 20, in areas of our country bordering Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, the bait with the vaccine is scattered. According to the information of the Grodno veterinary service, the blister-bait with the vaccine is dropped from the aircraft. In order to avoid injury, local residents are asked to avoid being in the flight zone. It is also forbidden to pick up bait and feed their pets. If the vaccine still gets into open areas of the body or […]