A person can easily become infected with diseases from both wild and farm animals. Specialists listed 6 diseases: 1. Salmonellosis. You can become infected if you eat eggs that have not been heat treated. 2. West Nile Fever. Can get infected from donkeys and horses. Animals should be vaccinated, as for them the disease is fatal. Also carriers are ticks and mosquitoes. 3. Plague. Everyone knows how many people died because of illness in the Middle Ages. If the plague […]

The Russian government intends to ban trainers from using violence during rehearsals. This is stated in the draft resolution of the Cabinet. The document states that in relation to animals it will be prohibited to use means and methods that cause pain, suffering or stress. It is proposed to train with the help of rewards. It is also impossible to teach animals to do what they cannot by nature and perform complex tricks. You can not give them stimulants and […]

The French film star Brigitte Bardot Animal Protection Fund intends to make concrete promises from the Government of Belarus and take measures to change the legislation on the treatment of animals. This was announced on June 12 by a representative of the Brigitte Olua Foundation. Olua, who has been in Minsk since June 7, confirmed that Brigitte Bardot knows about her visit to Belarus, the film star is waiting for her return and results. The Brigitte Bardot Foundation operates in […]

German circus Roncalli decided to abandon the performances with animals and replaced them with three-dimensional holograms. Performances are very popular. Recently, circus actors are looking for new ways to attract the public. Animal advocates constantly criticize circus employees for inappropriate attitudes towards animals. Due to propaganda, circus visitors are sure that animals are treated cruelly there. Every year, circuses are visited by fewer and fewer people. To increase profits, the German circus decided to use holographic images 33 meters wide […]

Unusual freight train runs across Europe. Apparently, he has no definite final point of arrival. On 12 cars of composition endangered animal species are depicted. They have already been noticed in many states of the continent. Including journalists. In particular, the Chinese television channel CGTN devoted the lion's share of time to this event. And not only he. It is known that the authors of very bright and memorable drawings for a long time were street artists from Belgium. Creative […]

Experts around the world talk about the inevitable reduction of animal species and populations. While some experts are sounding the alarm around the world, trying to encourage as many countries as possible to maintain populations and adjust animal policies, others are trying to understand why people are not doing anything to preserve biodiversity. Experts were able to identify several reasons that motivate this behavior. 1. The problem of reserves. As practice shows, animals in captivity breed reluctantly, therefore, such preservation […]