The animal rights activist reported poisoning and the release of animals in a rehabilitation center. The incident happened in Kaluga on August 19. This is reported by Interfax. A representative of the center reported what happened on her page on the social network Facebook. Unknowns entered the center, poisoned animals, and black-brown foxes were released from the cells. According to her, the guard did not hear anything. As for CCTV cameras, they showed nothing. Now the Rehabilitation Center needs help […]

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection has published recommendations for the public on behavior when meeting wildlife. It is not recommended to be alone in the forest. If you nevertheless went to the forest alone, be sure to notify one of your relatives and relatives about this. Take your mobile phone, food and water with you. Clothing for going to the forest must be bright. Clothing should also protect you from the bites of wasps, bees and snakes. […]

Astrologers decided to tell which pet is most suitable for different signs of the zodiac. Therefore, if you want to have a pet, check out this article. Aries The energies of these people can be envied. Therefore, astrologers recommend that representatives of this Zodiac Sign pay attention to dogs. It is desirable that this be an active breed. Aries will be very interested in walking with such a dog on the street. Taurus It is advisable for people born under […]

The number of cases of rabies in Belarus is declining. In January – June 2019, 1.5 times fewer cases of rabies in domestic and wild animals were recorded in Belarus. The comparison is with the first half of 2018. Among wild animals, the incidence decreased by 1.6%, and among agricultural – 2.2%. In pets, rabies cases decreased by 11.5%. The most common sources of rabies are foxes, wolves and raccoon dogs. They infect pets as well as cattle on pastures. […]

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection proposes that the public discuss the draft decree on keeping wild animals in captivity. You can discuss the document on the website of the Legal Forum. Thus, the decree proposes to establish a 30-day period for the temporary storage of seized wild animals, exhibiting at traveling exhibitions and selling at commercial sites. This time period is taken from the calculation of the biological and physiological needs of the organism of animals. Also, […]

Scientists have found that animal videos help improve brain function. Japanese researchers found that students' performance indicators improved by 44% after they watched videos with the participation of our smaller brothers for several minutes. By the way, these videos help to relax and relieve stress. This is especially true after a hard day's work. There are a huge number of such videos on the web. Many people rush to share funny moments with their favorite pets. Try to watch such […]

The ban on performing in the circus with animals is in 45 countries around the world. When this decision was made in Romania, the authorities had to decide what to do with the animals that participated in the shows. In the neighboring Hungary, in the small town of Veresegyedhaz, the former circus lions were taken to a farm, which was specially equipped for keeping wild animals. The relevant information is provided by Euronews. It is known that the farm was […]

An increase in global temperature can lead to the extinction of animals and birds, as well as to a reduction in the size of surviving animals. This was reported by scientists from the University of Cape Town. This study appeared in the journal Oecologia. The Paris Agreement, which was signed four years ago, prompted governments around the world to take steps to limit global warming. So, it is necessary to prevent the temperature rise by 2 degrees. By the way, […]

Animals from the Chernobyl exclusion zone can still be dangerous to humans. This was reported by the founder of the animal welfare fund "Bim" in the comments of the Daily Storm. Thus, she gave a comment to the story, which was shown on the BBC about the animals remaining in the accident zone. This material stated that foreigners often take these animals to their homes. However, this can be dangerous not only for the owner, but also for his environment. […]

Employees of the Nara Deer Conservation Fund announced the death of 14 animals. It is known that plastic bags were found in the stomachs of animals. It is assumed that they became the cause of death. About the incident reports the Air Force. In one of them found more than 4 kg. plastic in the stomach. It is worth noting that the Japanese city of Nara is quite popular among tourists due to the fact that there are many Buddhist […]