At one of the fish processing enterprises in the Sakhalin region, an unusual incident occurred. A wild bear, who probably wanted to eat fish, snuck into the building. Surveillance cameras captured this moment. Frames published by the local portal ACTB. On the video you can see a brown bear, who ran into one of the shops. Seeing a crowd of people, clumsy decided to retreat. For some time, people were numb, but when they realized that they were a dangerous […]

In Omsk, on June 23, an emergency occurred at the zoo: a drunken man entered the aviary with a bear and lost his hand. According to preliminary information, the man was intoxicated when he decided to open the cage and feed the beast. Whether the victim is a zoo worker or came to the zoo as a visitor is not reported. It is also not known how he managed to freely enter the cage to a dangerous beast. It is […]

In the US state of Montana, there was a funny incident – a bear climbed into the house of the locals, made a pogrom and fell asleep and a closet. The owners found the bear by accident. Arriving home after work, the couple suddenly discovered that their house was locked up from the inside. How the bear blocked the door is unknown, but the doors were locked. The owners had to call the police. When residents entered the house, they […]

In January 2019, the animal defenders of the Four Paws organization rescued two bears, Meimo and Amelia, from close cracked and rusty cages standing near a small restaurant in Albania. Both bears are no longer young; they have been at least 13 years old and have spent most of their life in these cages. Now both bears are already in the Arosa Bear Sanctuary bear shelter in Switzerland, where they were transported from Albania through several countries at a distance […]

Three months ago, a female white bear was born in the German zoo Tierpark Berlin. The name has not yet been given to him, and 9-year-old bear Tonya became his mother. All these three months, the baby and her mother were in a separate aviary and finally, from March 16, they will be shown to the general public in a large aviary with a pool. Tonya and her baby have already started to learn a new aviary and the bear […]

In the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" for the first time in 16 years, traces of a brown bear were seen. The last time a brown bear was seen in the reserve was in 2003. According to the press service of the national park, traces of a brown bear were seen in several places at once: on the river bank, on a nearby road and near villages. For years, Belarusian zoologists have been trying to restore the bear population in our […]