Bird of 2020 was declared a wood grouse in Belarus. This was reported in the public organization "Akhova ptushak Baskaўshchyny" (APB). Accordingly, throughout the next year, events dedicated to this bird will be held in the republic. In Belarus, capercaillie is a rare species. The main threats to him are the disappearance of places of residence in connection with deforestation, the extraction of resin from and near the livestock, hunting for males, predators, including a raccoon dog, ”noted Simon Levy, […]

Minsk has restricted the import of cattle from the Novosibirsk region. The reason for this step was contagious nodular dermatitis revealed in this region of the Russian Federation. The relevant information was recently published on the website of the Department of Veterinary and Food Supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus. The agency, citing data from the International Epizootic Bureau, reports that a case of cattle with infectious nodular dermatitis has been recorded in the Novosibirsk Region. […]

The Belarusian government plans to increase funding for sheep breeding 4 times. The Council of Ministers decided that in 2019-2025 almost 300 million rubles will be allocated for the development of sheep husbandry in the country. Most of these funds will be received as a loan from banks (157.9 million rubles). 74 million rubles will be allocated from the budget, another 11.7 million rubles will be allocated from local budgets. It is also planned to use the own funds of […]

Belarus restricts the import of sheep and goats from the Moscow region of Russia due to smallpox. This was reported on the website of the Department of Veterinary and Food Supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture. It turned out that in the territory of the Moscow Region a case of sheep and goat smallpox was recorded. For this reason, from August 9, restrictions are placed on the supply of these animals to the territory of Belarus. The ban also affected […]

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection proposes that the public discuss the draft decree on keeping wild animals in captivity. You can discuss the document on the website of the Legal Forum. Thus, the decree proposes to establish a 30-day period for the temporary storage of seized wild animals, exhibiting at traveling exhibitions and selling at commercial sites. This time period is taken from the calculation of the biological and physiological needs of the organism of animals. Also, […]

A citizen of Belarus was detained near Smolensk, whose car was full of reindeer and elk horns. According to the Office of the Rosselkhoznadzor in the Bryansk and Smolensk regions, an unusual load was noticed by the traffic police officers when inspecting a car. The driver could not explain the origin of the trophies. In addition, it turned out that the horns were transported without the necessary veterinary accompanying documents confirming their safety. According to the press service of the […]

Fish and fur animals in Belarus will be tracked. Belarus is considering a draft law “On identification, registration, traceability of farm animals (herds), identification and traceability of products of animal origin”. This was reported by the director of the Center for Information Systems in Animal Husbandry, Angela Borsch. The draft law is scheduled to be adopted in November. Now it is already finalized. At present, five species of animals are registered in Belarus, including sheep, pigs, goats, horses and cattle. […]

Since the beginning of this year, Belarus has supplied abroad breeding cattle in the amount of about half a million dollars. By the end of this year, the figure should reach $ 2 million. The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Igor Brylo, informed about this on the air of the TV channel “Belarus 1”. A representative of the Ministry noted that the Belarusian livestock is in high demand in foreign countries. The largest export volumes fall […]

The National Statistical Committee has published data on the volume of agricultural production in the country. According to these figures, in Belarus in the first five months of this year, the figure fell by 1.3%. In other words, for the indicated period of time in all farms of the republic the volume of production of the agricultural sector in monetary terms amounted to 4.7 billion rubles, which is 1.3% less compared to the same period of 2018. Production of livestock […]

The French film star Brigitte Bardot Animal Protection Fund intends to make concrete promises from the Government of Belarus and take measures to change the legislation on the treatment of animals. This was announced on June 12 by a representative of the Brigitte Olua Foundation. Olua, who has been in Minsk since June 7, confirmed that Brigitte Bardot knows about her visit to Belarus, the film star is waiting for her return and results. The Brigitte Bardot Foundation operates in […]