In the Voronezh region, a dog bit to death a one-year-old child. The tragedy occurred on August 5 in the village of Esipovo, Ternovsky district. There, a woman, along with a one-year-old baby, came from Moscow to her relatives. In the evening, a Muscovite went with her child to a neighbor. While the women were sitting in the gazebo and talking, the baby went to the dog, which was tied to a chain. Instantly the dog pounced on the child […]

The tragic incident occurred on the eve of the courtyard of one of the private houses of the Svetloyyarsky District of the Volgograd Region. This was informed by the Russian media, citing sources in law enforcement. The German Shepherd Dog was reportedly somehow off the leash. At that time, a 10-year-old schoolboy was nearby, and for some unknown reason, the dog suddenly attacked him. As a result of the dog’s attack, the boy suffered multiple injuries. The child was taken […]

On June 2, a 7-year-old girl suffered from a dog bite in Grodno. The dog bit the child when it passed near the cafe. According to the Department of Internal Affairs of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee, the girl, at the request of her mother, went to a nearby cafe for kvass. At one of the tables was a 31-year-old man. Next to him lay a half-breed dog. The girl did not try to get close to the animal and […]