Law enforcement officers completed a criminal investigation into the illegal hunting in the Brest region. The actions of the citizens, who were engaged in illegal hunting, caused damage on a particularly large scale. This was reported to the UIC in the Brest region. It is known that on December 23 last year, five men from Brest and the region hunted in the area of ​​the border strip. Using different hunting rifles, they killed a deer and two roes. Thereby caused […]

In Brest a whole flock of rare bats settled in one of the high-rise buildings. In the ZHES, they say that it is impossible to evict uninvited guests – bats of the small evening party look are protected species. About an interesting incident told on the air of Belarusian television. Residents of the house told that they were forced to live literally next door to bats. Residents claim that mice sometimes fly into apartments. Experts say that bats in the […]

In Brest, a 30-year-old man beat a cat while intoxicated. The animal died from injuries, a criminal case. Details of the incident reported "Belarus Today". As established by law enforcement, the dead animal was found by a local resident in the yard of his house. About the crime the man reported to the police. Soon the identity of the attacker was identified. It turned out that a 30-year-old man had inflicted fatal injuries on a cat. That day he was […]