A woman fell from a camel on field trips during the holidays and was seriously injured. It is known that the incident happened during a vacation in the Canary Islands. 61-year-old Karen Saccone acquired a camel tour for only 10 euros. When she began to climb a camel, he got scared and threw her off. The tourist fell on the sand, and the camel stepped on her face. Her leg is stuck in a belt. As a result, the animal […]

At one of the fish processing enterprises in the Sakhalin region, an unusual incident occurred. A wild bear, who probably wanted to eat fish, snuck into the building. Surveillance cameras captured this moment. Frames published by the local portal ACTB. On the video you can see a brown bear, who ran into one of the shops. Seeing a crowd of people, clumsy decided to retreat. For some time, people were numb, but when they realized that they were a dangerous […]

In Britain, a woman suffered from a cow attack attacking her granddaughter. 49-year-old Lisa Wells went for a walk through the village with her granddaughter. According to an eyewitness, on their way was a bull, as well as a large number of cows. About the incident reports the Daily Post. Grandmother and granddaughter tried to escape, but the herd rushed after them. The girl managed to escape, and the cows hit her grandmother several times. Soon people came to the […]

The tragic incident occurred on the eve of the courtyard of one of the private houses of the Svetloyyarsky District of the Volgograd Region. This was informed by the Russian media, citing sources in law enforcement. The German Shepherd Dog was reportedly somehow off the leash. At that time, a 10-year-old schoolboy was nearby, and for some unknown reason, the dog suddenly attacked him. As a result of the dog’s attack, the boy suffered multiple injuries. The child was taken […]