The incident occurred on July 10 in the daytime. According to the press service of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus, on that ill-fated day, the pensioner in the apartment of the former wife drank alcoholic beverages with her and guests. During the gatherings, a man at some point, without warning anyone about his intentions, went out onto the balcony and threw down two cats. The unfortunate animals lived in the apartment of the former spouse of the […]

The criminal case against the “mozyr slaughterer” was transferred to the prosecutor for referral to the court. 10 kittens became victims of the man, the accused was recognized as mentally ill. According to the Investigation Committee, a 28-year-old resident of Mozyr is accused of ill-treatment of animals. It was established that in the summer of 2018, a man found announcements about the transfer of kittens into good hands, picked up animals and later mocked them. The painful actions of the […]

In Brest, a 30-year-old man beat a cat while intoxicated. The animal died from injuries, a criminal case. Details of the incident reported "Belarus Today". As established by law enforcement, the dead animal was found by a local resident in the yard of his house. About the crime the man reported to the police. Soon the identity of the attacker was identified. It turned out that a 30-year-old man had inflicted fatal injuries on a cat. That day he was […]