It turns out that the nature of cats is 50% dependent on genes. Finnish scientists have confirmed this hypothesis by research, in which 5,726 cats of 40 different breeds took part – they all had their owner. In the course of scientific work, animals were combined into 19 groups and compared them with each other. Factors such as gender, age, the ability to stay in open space and a tolerant attitude towards other pets were taken into account. The results […]

Locals called the cat King Raddington for his unusual behavior. In England, the cat became the star of not only the village, but also the Internet. The animal has its own Facebook page, where new photos regularly appear. The popularity of Ruddington brought the fact that five years ago, he was offended by his mistress and left home. When the woman brought two kittens, which were thrown into the street, he waved his tail and went out into the yard. […]

The son of Alibasov promised 800 thousand for the capture of the escaped cat. Last night his beloved cat ran away from the apartment where Bari Alibasov lives. This was told by the PR director of the producer Vadim Gorzhankin. Pet scared a large gathering of journalists on the landing. Since the door was not closed, the animal quickly disappeared in an unknown direction. This cat was a favorite of Alibasov. Bari Karimovich even when he came out of the […]

Donald Chizhik, an employee of the humane society "Happy Tails Humane Society" from Illinois, was driving recently to work and suddenly saw something unusual on the road. It looked like a red box thrown into a snowdrift on the side of the road, almost completely covered with snow because of a snowthrower. But when the man got out of the car and came closer, he realized that it was a carry for animals. And moreover, it was not empty, among […]

All lovers and owners of cats, probably, would like to understand the language of tails, or at least know what emotions they experience at a certain moment. Experts have identified several features in the behavior of the baleen, which indicate unconditional happiness. Purring All people know about purring, when a cat purrs – he is happy and it really is. But do not be upset when you do not hear this sweet music for your ears, because, as it turned […]

Last month, a young street cat came into the fire station in the bitter cold in the hope that people would help her. The Steinbach Fire Department fire station attendant in the city of Steinbach, Manitoba (Canada), was very surprised when he passed by and saw how the little cat persistently looks out the window directly at him. "It was a cold evening and she was standing outside the window. When one of our firefighters went outside, she ran straight […]

Kogtetochka is an irreplaceable thing in the house where a small tail lives, it helps to keep furniture, wallpaper and curtains. In addition, now there are a lot of multi-functional claws with toys and houses. Zoologists argue that the choice of this item must take into account the nature of the kitten. In general, experts have identified several basic rules that will help teach the cat to claw. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the pet's […]

Somewhere in Virginia, the family sold their home and moved, leaving their pet, a beautiful and fluffy ragdoll cat, on the street. Once in the cold, the former pet was shocked and began walking through other houses in the neighborhood, trying to find food and shelter there. One day, a cat came to the home of a caring woman who already knew that the cat was abandoned by the former tenants in the neighborhood and she was very outraged by […]

In Brest, a 30-year-old man beat a cat while intoxicated. The animal died from injuries, a criminal case. Details of the incident reported "Belarus Today". As established by law enforcement, the dead animal was found by a local resident in the yard of his house. About the crime the man reported to the police. Soon the identity of the attacker was identified. It turned out that a 30-year-old man had inflicted fatal injuries on a cat. That day he was […]

At the end of January 2019, somewhere in the state of Montana, a domestic cat named Fluffy decided to take a walk outside on a frosty day when his owners were not at home. However, for some reason the cat did not manage to return after a walk back to the warm house in the same way through the cat's door, and meanwhile the frost on the street intensified. When the family finally returned home, they found their cat lying […]