The Italian couple was saved from the landslide that buried their house thanks to their two cats. Cats woke people up with their unexpected noise in the middle of the night. When Sabrina Pellegrini and her husband Claudio Piana went to bed the night before in their old house in Campo Ligure, there was heavy rain on the street. But no one imagined that a natural disaster would break out here. “My wife got out of bed at night because […]

Earlier this year, Carmen Weinberg, founder of Florida's Animal Friends Project, a private cat-assisting cat society, reported a street stray cat. According to an unnamed woman, this cat appeared near her house and looked very bad, clearly in need of medical care. The cat also constantly meowed plaintively. “According to her, it was an adult ginger cat, but his skin and coat were badly affected by a scabies-like illness. So bad that he couldn’t open his eyes,” says Carmen (Good […]

In the Indian state of Maharashtra there are many fields with tall stems of sugarcane. While the reed grows, it is used for shelter by many local animals, including wild ones. Every year, the surrounding forests are destroyed under the reed fields and the animals have to look for either other shelters or adapt to new conditions. Some even make shelter in the reed for their young. However, this is not always the right decision. Some time ago, workers at […]

A cat show was held in Minsk on September weekend. Maine Coons, bald sphinxes and Bengal kittens could be bought right on the spot. Some owners made concessions that day and made discounts to those who bought cats at the event. So, the price from $ 250 for Scottish kittens was reduced to $ 200. According to the administrator of the exhibition, the event has been held for the ninth consecutive year. The season begins in September after a long […]

Cats are quite popular pets that can be found anywhere in the world. Breeders do not stand still and try to breed more and more interesting breeds. Naturally, the result of crossing domestic and wild animals is the most expensive. Experts analyzed and were able to make a list of the most expensive cat breeds in the world: 1. The savannah. The cost of a kitten reaches $ 22,000. Incredibly beautiful and graceful breed is the result of crossing an […]

A beautiful cat named Daisy can not find people who would take her home from the shelter. The reason was the strange spots on her face, which in many ways resemble the genitals. This was reported by representatives of the shelter The Mini Kitty Commune on the social network Facebook. It is known that the cat is 9 years old. According to shelter workers, Daisy is very calm. She also loves to snuggle up to something warm. A post about […]

Experts say that every cat can live more than 20 years. It all depends on the living conditions of the cat, what it eats and whether your pet has diseases. Experts talked about different breeds of cats and how much they can live. For example, a Bombay cat’s life is no longer than 12 years. Also, American bobtail and an exotic shorthair cat are not long-lived – as a rule, their life cycle lasts up to 13 years. 14 years […]

This beauty is one of the oldest representatives of the cat family. According to experts, Mau appeared about 4 thousand years ago. They have a fairly calm character, but you definitely will not get bored with Mau: she needs physical activity in order to maintain her musculature. Mau cats are quite rare and are sold only in a specialized nursery. Buying a kitten of this breed from the hands is not worth it, because when the kittens are small, they […]

In New York, the runaway cat returned to his mistress after 11 years of wandering. This incredible adventure was reported by American publications. According to a local resident, 11 years ago, her pet cat, nicknamed Tiger, disappeared. It is known that the cat ran out through the open door. The search for a pet yielded nothing. A year after he disappeared, the family moved to another house. The woman asked her neighbors to inform her if her cat did return. […]

A cat of incredible size has settled in one of America’s shelters. Ponytail was nicknamed BJ, he became a resident of Morris Animal Refuge. According to the staff of the shelter, initially it may seem that this cat belongs to the Maine Coon breed, but this is not so. Moreover, he is not well-fed, as it seems, just a very wide bone. However, he still has extra pounds. By itself, BJ is a very kind, affectionate and tame cat. The […]