A resident of Rostov-on-Don sells a cat, "healing from a hangover." The price is 225 thousand dollars. A funny pet ad appeared on the Avito free classified ads site. The owner indicated that he was selling a “mystical British” for 15 million Russian rubles, which healed from a hangover and averted the evil eye. Rostovites noted that the cat belongs to his wife. The woman does not want to part with the animal and hopes that no one will buy […]

Reddit users were delighted with the photograph of a cat sitting in a sink opposite two mirrors. The photo was published by the user under the nickname despisesunrise. It is known that the picture was posted on August 19. Because of the mirror, which enlarges, it seems as if the cat's head is several times larger than the body. Some users suggested that the cat itself was frightened of its reflection. This is evidenced by her muzzle. According to one […]

It turns out that cat scratches can lead to serious illnesses. Therefore, doctors strongly recommend not to play with cats and cats with the help of limbs – legs and arms. The fact is that the cat family is the carrier of the Bartonella bacteria. They can provoke the development of serious ailments in the human body, for example, rabies. By the way, if an unfamiliar cat has bitten, or if your pet has incomprehensible aggressive features, you should immediately […]

Many cat owners are aware of their pet’s habit of sleeping with their owner. Experts were able to answer why animals like to sleep in human society: 1. She wants to treat you. There are legends about the healing power of cats. Animals determine which part of your body hurts and try to settle down there. It is very easy to determine for cats: a sore spot is much warmer than the rest of the body. 2. Love affection. Despite […]

The presence of pets is always good, because they create comfort and give warmth to the owners. However, cats and cats can spoil the mattress at any time, which will create serious difficulties. But the fact is that cat urine has in its composition many chemical elements that cannot be removed using ordinary water and means. Therefore, everyone should know how to effectively get rid of the smell and what recommendations should be remembered during the procedure. Emergency measures Cat […]

In Novosibirsk, a local resident released a cat for a walk and forever lost her beloved pet. The disfigured corpse of an animal was discovered by random passers-by in a trash can near the hostess's place of residence. From what they saw, people felt bad: the cat's legs were cut off, the skin was cut off, the scalp was removed from head to neck. Later it turned out that a 17-year-old schoolgirl was involved in the killing of a cat. […]

Cats are among the most popular pets in the world. What you need to know the owners fluffy pet: 1. Buy a good scraper. Cats do not need to cut the claws, if they grow correctly, just buy the right claw. The best option would be the one that is made of natural fiber. If the claws do not grow correctly, then you should contact the veterinary clinic for help. 2. Comb the wool. Fluffy breeds – every day, smooth-haired […]

The cat gives any home a feeling of comfort and harmony, a sense of calm and warmth. What other advantages does this pet have: 1. You will never be alone. The cat will always be close to its owner and will gladly keep you company. 2. Their purring raises the spirits and calms, tunes in a positive way. 3. Cats act as antidepressants, allowing you to feel much better. 4. You will never oversleep work, because your pet will wake […]

In Vileyka, a local resident hit his own cat on the curb and killed her. The incident was reported to the police by a woman who witnessed the cruel treatment of an animal. The woman appealed to law enforcement agencies and reported that on July 24 she witnessed a terrible act: an unknown man killed a cat with a blow on the curb. Arriving at the scene, officers of the investigative team found the body of an animal in a […]

Previously, scientists judged who is smarter, by the number of neurons in the brain, but the latest study completely changed their vision of this issue. Academics themselves explain this by saying that the encephalization rate is not capable of giving a complete picture when it comes to the details of the anatomy and intelligence of the brain. In previous studies, it was found that cats have about 300 million neurons, which is two times more than 160 million in dogs. […]