A cat show was held in Minsk on September weekend. Maine Coons, bald sphinxes and Bengal kittens could be bought right on the spot. Some owners made concessions that day and made discounts to those who bought cats at the event. So, the price from $ 250 for Scottish kittens was reduced to $ 200. According to the administrator of the exhibition, the event has been held for the ninth consecutive year. The season begins in September after a long […]

Many dog ​​owners know how their pets behave on the street when they meet a random cat. Cats respond to dogs with "reciprocity" and greet with all signs of aggression. Their confrontation formed the basis of many sayings and stable expressions. However, why do these pets not want to get along with each other? Experts identified 3 main reasons: 1. The nature of cats. Cats do not particularly need contacts with other animals, preferring freedom and loneliness. Dogs, on the […]

American experts have managed to find a way to make domestic cats happier. Although cats have long been pets living next to humans, they remain predators by nature. It is for this reason that it is worth bringing your pet's home as close as possible to the conditions of its natural habitat. Best of all, the food puzzle handles this role. Cats are agile and curious animals that need daily activity and play. Try to stock up on various toys […]

Experts say that every cat can live more than 20 years. It all depends on the living conditions of the cat, what it eats and whether your pet has diseases. Experts talked about different breeds of cats and how much they can live. For example, a Bombay cat’s life is no longer than 12 years. Also, American bobtail and an exotic shorthair cat are not long-lived – as a rule, their life cycle lasts up to 13 years. 14 years […]

There is a popular belief that breeds of black cats have Phoenician roots. In the old days, black cats were loved and adored, equated to temple animals, and their color was considered the strongest amulet. Yes, and in nature, dark wool helped ponytails to hide and hunt more successfully, for this reason quite a lot of them bred. As a result: people began to expel them from the cities. Moreover, when a city dweller saw a black cat with yellow […]

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world, so you should better know your favorites and stop believing in popular misconceptions. Key myths: 1. A cat can fall from a height without risk to health. This ability does not have any animal on the planet. There is a shock factor here: after a stressful situation, the pet tries to get away from the place of fall to hell, so for some time it does not feel pain. […]

Experts have collected the most popular myths about cats, which are often present among furry pet breeders. Firstly, not all cats love stroking, some do not like to touch them at all. In addition, you can not put much pressure on them at the time of stroking, because it annoys them. But almost all cats love gentle scratching behind the ear and just below the cheeks. Secondly, if the cat does not obey, this does not mean that he feels […]

Researchers from Charles University, located in Prague, argue that feline parasites Toxoplasma gondii can affect human behavior even more than previously thought. In addition, a recent study proved that men are most affected by these parasites – they become prone to sexual masochism and acquire a number of other “specific tastes”. Cats are the main carriers of parasites, while others are only intermediate hosts. When this parasite enters the body of mice, then they become “fearless” and themselves go to […]

Cats are beautiful and mysterious creatures, about which many legends are composed. These creatures were even worshiped in ancient Egypt. Yes, and in many other countries, one way or another, there was a cult of cats: even the harsh Viking northerners had a careful attitude to cats, since they were part of the retinue of the revered goddess Freya. What curious facts about cats we could not know: 1. They are not able to feel the sweet taste. 2. Even […]

Researchers from the United States claim that stroking pets: dogs, cats and others – must be prescribed to doctors for their patients as antidepressants. The most amazing thing is that not just stroking reduces stress and calms, but to get the proper therapeutic effect of a pet, you need to squeeze for 10-15 minutes. During this time, cortisol levels fall and endorphin is released. As an antistress will help any pet – cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters or rabbits. Psychologists […]