Notosaurs (Nothosaurus) were the first of the large reptiles to go to sea. They began their journey at the beginning of the Triassic, about 230 million years ago, and completely died out by the end of this period, after 40 million years. Notosaurus inhabited mainly in Europe and Asia and did not exceed 3 meters in length (some individual individuals were larger). Unlike later marine reptiles, especially ichthyosaurs (which are considered descendants of notosaurs), notosaurs still maintained a connection with […]

The Italian couple was saved from the landslide that buried their house thanks to their two cats. Cats woke people up with their unexpected noise in the middle of the night. When Sabrina Pellegrini and her husband Claudio Piana went to bed the night before in their old house in Campo Ligure, there was heavy rain on the street. But no one imagined that a natural disaster would break out here. “My wife got out of bed at night because […]

Every Sunday, in the parish of Saint Ana Gravata, in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, Padre Joao Paulo Araujo Gomez opens the door to all comers, but stray dogs are allowed here any day of the week. Padre Joao is a big lover of animals and in his dreams he will find worthy hosts for all street dogs. “They can always come here to sleep, eat, drink water. Here they will find refuge and protection, because this is God's house […]

Just three months ago, in July 2019, for the first time, small dik-dik (dikdik) antelopes were brought to the Novosibirsk zoo. Two females and one male were brought here from the zoos of Moscow and Bratislava. Pregnancy at wild dicks lasts a little less than 6 months, so when the other day the female gave birth to the first wild dick in the history of the Novosibirsk Zoo, it became clear that the baby was conceived in another zoo. That […]

A New Yorker named Vanessa volunteers with the local cat rescue community. Once she took home one of the rescued cats, and then another street cat came to her on her own. "I'm joking now that somewhere there probably is a poster for cats indicating that if you need help, you can come to my house," Vanessa says. A Torbi cat (tortie color with small stripes) one day simply appeared at the porch of Vanessa's house and meowed plaintively, begging […]

The male rat, which was later nicknamed Cooper, was sold exclusively to snake feeds with his relatives in the New York pet store. Cooper and other rats from this cage were considered to belong to the decorative breed of dumbo, but their ears were quite ordinary (dumbo rats had large ears), and the coat was of the usual reddish color like wild rat-pasyuki. Therefore, almost no one bought these rats at the pet store. When 55-year-old Pauline Maureen came to […]

A dog named Nori is gaining popularity on the Internet because of its incredible expressive face. Many users notice that his face is even somewhat similar to a person’s face. Nori belongs to the Ossipu breed (Aussiepoo – Australian poodle) – a new "designer" breed. Nori's large round eyes look openly and affably, and it is because of them that Nori's face is so attractive and unusual. And in combination with a soft smiling bend of the mouth, Nori's muzzle […]

It all started when caring residents of Podolsk noticed a black and white cat in a blue collar in a foreign car parked at home. The first cat noticed (and photographed) by a local resident Alexei Panfilovsky. The cat was sitting in a car standing on the street 50 years of October. When Alex posted a photo of the cat on VKontakte's social network, commentators began to resent the cruelty of the cat's owner. Someone suggested finding the owner by […]

Do you know how humpback whales create “nets” to catch fish? It turns out that they make them out of many bubbles, diving in a special way and diving in one place. This amazing video (see below) was shot by a drone launched offshore Alaska by marine biologists. The humpback whales creating this amazing “bubble” dance were also previously equipped with special sensors with video cameras, so biologists not only shot them from above from the drone, but also received […]

Many people think that animals sleep just like people. But this is not so. Some animals generally never fully sleep, but otherwise give their brain a rest. And insects, for example, simply fall into a kind of numbness. Even human sleep for us is still a very mysterious phenomenon, and even the sleep of animals has hardly been studied at all (Good news about animals – 10. How do monkeys sleep Humanoid signs, such as gorillas, orangutans and chimpanzees, […]