Animals from the Chernobyl exclusion zone can still be dangerous to humans. This was reported by the founder of the animal welfare fund "Bim" in the comments of the Daily Storm. Thus, she gave a comment to the story, which was shown on the BBC about the animals remaining in the accident zone. This material stated that foreigners often take these animals to their homes. However, this can be dangerous not only for the owner, but also for his environment. […]

Academics have reported that flame retardants from air fresheners tend to accumulate in the body of pets. Particularly hazardous, these substances are for the elderly in the feline family. As a result of the effects on the body, the tails begin to suffer from hyperthyroidism and other ailments associated with the thyroid gland. In addition, the accumulation of elements such as stuffing furniture and various dry food of good quality leads to the appearance of hyperthyroidism in animals. It is […]

Experts told how dangerous excessive love to the cat family for a person. According to experts, many tails can be the main cause of serious health problems of their owners, and those who allow animals to sleep in the same bed are at greatest risk. Doctors emphasize that ringworm, chlamydia or worms can be transmitted to a person from a cat. In addition, cats can become carriers of very serious and dangerous ailments. For example, they can infect a host […]

Experts explained why sleeping with pets is dangerous for humans. As it turned out, tails can be a source of various ailments, therefore, in “dealing with” them, it is worth keeping a certain distance in order not to harm their health. In turn, doctors emphasize that a person can catch diseases such as chlamydia, ringworm, worms from pets, but the most dangerous is tuberculosis, salmonellosis, as well as toxoplasmosis. Many members of the cat family are carriers of intracellular parasites, […]