A tick bite for a dog can be deadly: if you do not provide assistance to the animal, then it can die within 5 days. The fact is that parasites are carriers of a number of deadly diseases. If you have a suspicion that the dog has been attacked by a tick, then you should immediately lead it for inspection to a specialist. According to professionals, the use of protective drugs plays an important role: in this way you can […]

In Ufa, passers-by on the street found a dead dog. The veterinarian made a conclusion: the animal was raped. About the monstrous crime it became known from the residents of Bolshaya Shelkovodnaya Street. Not indifferent citizens reported to local zoodefenders that they found a bloody dog ​​near a private house. The young people arrived promptly at the scene and were shocked by what they saw: the dog was dead, blood was leaking from its internal organs. It was decided to […]

In the Penza Zoo, visitors fed the pony foal to death. The animal died of intestines. According to the administration of the zoo on the page VKontakte, the Scottish pony, who was only a few months old, died due to the fact that visitors to the zoo fed him. Veterinarians over 7 hours trying to save the animal, but to no avail. An autopsy revealed that the pony died of a ruptured stomach. His body simply could not stand such […]

In Thailand, wild elephants attacked a couple. It became known that the animals were looking for their own food. At some point, they stumbled upon a tent in which lovers were resting. AFP reports what happened. The woman managed to hide under the truck, which stood nearby. The man tried to escape, but he did not succeed. One of the elephants pierced him with his tusk. As a result of his injuries, the man died on the spot. Deforestation in […]

At the end of January 2019, somewhere in the state of Montana, a domestic cat named Fluffy decided to take a walk outside on a frosty day when his owners were not at home. However, for some reason the cat did not manage to return after a walk back to the warm house in the same way through the cat's door, and meanwhile the frost on the street intensified. When the family finally returned home, they found their cat lying […]