This man loves to hug his therapeutic pet and says that it gives him great emotional support and helps to cope with depressions. And in the pets he has a young alligator named Wally. 65-year-old Joey Henny from Pennsylvania suffered from severe depression for some time, but flatly refused to take medicine. And then his attending physician recommended him to attend sessions of communication with some animal from the shelter ( When Joey came to the shelter to choose his […]

In the English town of Wykefield, a woman got herself a skunk as a pet to get rid of psychological problems. About the incident reports Daily Star. It is known that a local resident was frightened when she visited public places. This very much prevented her from living normally. The woman also suffered from depression and anxiety disorder. However, thanks to the skunk, whom she called Pongo, the Englishwoman was able to cope with psychological problems. Now the woman calmly […]