According to experts, you can get various diseases from both wild animals and domestic animals. Veterinarians identified 11 major diseases: 1. Rabies. Its danger lies in the fact that in the absence of timely medical care after being bitten by an infected animal, a person may die. To help the animal there is no possibility. To protect their pets, you need to carry out timely vaccination and eliminate the possibility of contact with wild animals. 2. Aquarium granuloma. Transmitted from […]

Experts point out that quite often domestic cats suffer from illnesses associated with malnutrition. Veterinarians have compiled a list of the most common cat ailments: obesity, allergies, dermatitis and urolithiasis. According to experts, everything depends on the lack of proper and balanced nutrition in the pet, for them it is just as important as for a person. It is also very important to properly care for your pet, because if you do not, then many diseases will stick to the […]

A person can easily become infected with diseases from both wild and farm animals. Specialists listed 6 diseases: 1. Salmonellosis. You can become infected if you eat eggs that have not been heat treated. 2. West Nile Fever. Can get infected from donkeys and horses. Animals should be vaccinated, as for them the disease is fatal. Also carriers are ticks and mosquitoes. 3. Plague. Everyone knows how many people died because of illness in the Middle Ages. If the plague […]