In the Vileyka district, strangers abused a stray dog. The incident occurred in the village of Dolginovo. A local resident called the volunteers and said that someone had thrown a homeless dog into a cesspool with feces. EMERCOM employees and a local policeman arrived at the scene. The dog managed to get out of the toilet pit. However, upon examination, volunteers found wounds on the dog’s body. Judging by the wounds on the dog’s body, they beat it with a […]

In order for the pets to be healthy and not to experience problems with well-being, dog owners should carefully monitor the animals and also get rid of strong stereotypes and misconceptions. Experts voiced the most common myths regarding dogs: 1. If the nose is dry, then the pet is sick or does not feel well. Many owners panic if their dog’s nose is no longer wet, which is absolutely in vain. This symptom will never 100% say that the dog […]

Olga Orlova threw all her strength into picking up the dog from the flayer as soon as possible. Singer and TV presenter Olga Orlova saw shocking shots on the net. The owner tied the dog to his car and dragged along the Kiev highway. The male Alabai was very old. He could not stand such mockery, just falling exhausted on the asphalt. A video of such animal cruelty infuriated Olga Orlova. This very minute she decided to act. The star […]

In Mogilev, "bad" treat pets. The State Control Committee for the Mogilev region reported violations in compliance with the legislation on the treatment of pets. There are some serious flaws. For example, many owners do not register dogs and do not pay tax on their ownership. As a result, the budget each year receives less than 70-100 thousand rubles. Also, dog owners walk their pets with violations: without leashes, muzzles, in the wrong places, they go to shopping facilities and […]

A tick bite for a dog can be deadly: if you do not provide assistance to the animal, then it can die within 5 days. The fact is that parasites are carriers of a number of deadly diseases. If you have a suspicion that the dog has been attacked by a tick, then you should immediately lead it for inspection to a specialist. According to professionals, the use of protective drugs plays an important role: in this way you can […]

Researchers from the Ben-Gurion University in Israel have created a special vest that can be controlled using the console. The vest is worn on the dog, then activated, after which the dog can be controlled using the remote control – to give commands that the pet easily performs. Microscopic vibration motors that are located on a special vest on the top, in the back area, as well as on the sides are embedded in the vest. Every time when the […]

In Ufa, passers-by on the street found a dead dog. The veterinarian made a conclusion: the animal was raped. About the monstrous crime it became known from the residents of Bolshaya Shelkovodnaya Street. Not indifferent citizens reported to local zoodefenders that they found a bloody dog ​​near a private house. The young people arrived promptly at the scene and were shocked by what they saw: the dog was dead, blood was leaking from its internal organs. It was decided to […]

Researchers from Canada conducted a study where they learned that dog bites can be hurt not only in the street, but also at home. And, as it turned out, at home, the owners of dogs are more often attacked by their pets. Most victims of dogs are the elderly or children. True, the experts did not understand why the best friends of a person, who are distinguished by their devotion, often attack defenseless households. As for children, experts say that […]

In South Africa, a dog received a bullet wound, protecting its owner from criminals. The incident occurred in the South African suburb of Michells Plain on July 17th. The criminals got to the house of the man at the moment when he opened the garage door. When the man got out of the car and went to the gate, an unknown person came up to him from the back and sent a gun at him, demanding that he give the […]

In Saratov, the police seized a six-year-old girl from a family that contained an underground kennel with 19 dogs. About what happened it became known from social networks. A local animal rights activist has published on the Web information that in one of the houses on Zheleznodorozhnaya Street a local resident has 19 dogs in the house. Moreover, a six-year-old girl lives in the house. To check the address left the juvenile affairs department employees. The inspectors who arrived at […]