A new experiment from the University of Bristol made it clear how owners of aggressive dogs manage them. According to dog handlers, there should be a soft toughness in raising dogs: the dog should perceive you as the owner, who is stronger than her, but at the same time as a friend. If you use the methods of punishment, then nothing good can be achieved, only aggravate the situation, so you need to delete it from the list. The best […]

A two-year-old dog named Cooper is considered one of only about 30 dogs in the world who were born with a very rare short spine syndrome. Because of his inconspicuous appearance, that is, without a neck and with a big head, Cooper looks more like a cartoon character or a caricature than a real dog. Cooper is an American Foxhound breed, but he was born on the so-called "puppy farm" – that is, in an illegal nursery in Halifax, Virginia. […]

A small dog named Gabby Papillon breed showed such a high speed of jogging during the competition that the audience sighed and gasped, watching her. Despite her small legs and a height of only 20 cm, Gabby jumped over obstacles and ran through pipes and slides so quickly that it seemed that she was not running, but flying. Hostess Gabby barely kept pace with her. Agility competitions are a relatively new sport with a dog, invented in England in the […]

Animals, like people, are divided into talkative and silent people. Among the dogs there are also silence, barking of which will never disturb or please you. On the one hand, perhaps this has its advantages, for example, no one will wake up the neighbors at night. Sometimes people have to train a pet, especially those who live in large cities, and it requires a quiet pastime while they are at work. And someone deliberately gets a little-mauled tail. Today we […]

The dog had been waiting for the deceased owner for weeks, not leaving the door of his office. The incident happened in the Philippines. Dog Buba was friends for two years with a 58-year-old man who died from a stroke. He taught at a college located in the province of Pampanga. According to news agencies, Buboy constantly visited the teacher in the morning – he came directly to the school building. There the man fed him. College staff decided to […]

Recently, workers at the Cindy dam on the Pärnu River (Estonia) saw some animal desperately floundering in the middle of the icy river. The animal looked like a large dog and it was not clear how it got to this place, but the animal obviously needed help. Together, people managed to get to the dog and pull it to the shore. The beast, which looks like a big mongrel, was wet and froze, so it was wrapped in cloth and […]

One family from Alaska once saw a stray cat with a kitten in its yard. The cat ran away at the sight of people, and when people began to look at the kitten, it turned out that his hind legs were paralyzed. The kitten was then about 3 weeks old. He was given the nickname Harpur (this translates roughly as "furry purring"). Soon the kitten got into the Alaska's KAAATs private cat rescue society in Anchorage and they were taken […]

It is very difficult for pet lovers to pull themselves together and refuse to fulfill the request of four-legged friends, for example, to give an extra piece of meat or allow you to soak in a warm bed. On the one hand, everything is correct, because they become an integral part of the family, and on the other hand, they are animals that have their own instincts and thoughts. If a dog is shown that it is the main one, […]

Sometimes it is very exciting and difficult to choose a name for your pet, especially if you choose not one, but with the second half or parents. But this, of course, only if your dog is not pedigree and is not a member of any club. Since pedigree have pre-established names and, as a rule, they consist of 5-6 words. Whatever the dog – pedigreed or mongrel – dog handlers identified several rules that will help give a good name […]