In Gomel, a man severely beat his pitostaff dog on the street. A shocking case of animal cruelty occurred on September 8 in the morning. The witness of this incident was a girl who told about the incident. Gomelchanka said that she saw a man with two dogs near the stop "Boris Tsarikov Street". The woman was interested in the man’s behavior, and she began to watch him. According to the witness, the dogs looked painful and did not obey […]

It would seem that there is no riddle in pets: we have been living hand in hand with them for more than a thousand years. However, by far not all facts about dogs are known to modern science. Dog handlers shared the most interesting of them: 1. Playing with them is good for your health. This statement was verified experimentally: by spending time with your pet, you can reduce stress levels, improve your mood and even lower your blood pressure. […]

It is difficult to treat animals, because they cannot tell us where it hurts, but sometimes they need help no less than people. Today we’ll talk about the work of those who will conduct a complete diagnosis of the condition of the animal and provide qualified veterinary care. The heroine of our history Veronika Senko dreamed of becoming a veterinarian from the 1st grade. She says that even in one of her school essays on the topic “What I want […]

Dogs are quite intelligent human companions, which are easy to train for various teams. However, among them there are the most intelligent breeds: 1. Border Collie. Dog experts unanimously consider these shepherd dogs to be the smartest in the world. It is from them that the best guide are obtained, which are indispensable for people with loss of vision. It can also act as a good security guard. 2. The poodle. The graceful and aristocratic poodles turned out to be […]

Experts told which breed of dog is best to have if there is a child in the house. For example, the cavalier king charles spaniel – these dogs are insanely kind and playful, and they get along even with those children who cannot leave the pet alone, and silky-soft hair is a nice bonus. Bernese Mountain Dogs also get along well with children. True, since the size of the pet will not be the smallest, they are more suitable for […]

The guy picked up a dog that was lying on the side of the road, but the pet ran away from him. A guy from Thailand, whose name is Panitan, was driving a car to his home when he saw a black dog. She was lying on the side of the road. Of course, the young man could not pass by. He took the dog with him. The guy was convinced that the puppy was street, but later he began […]

In the Vileyka district, strangers abused a stray dog. The incident occurred in the village of Dolginovo. A local resident called the volunteers and said that someone had thrown a homeless dog into a cesspool with feces. EMERCOM employees and a local policeman arrived at the scene. The dog managed to get out of the toilet pit. However, upon examination, volunteers found wounds on the dog’s body. Judging by the wounds on the dog’s body, they beat it with a […]

In order for the pets to be healthy and not to experience problems with well-being, dog owners should carefully monitor the animals and also get rid of strong stereotypes and misconceptions. Experts voiced the most common myths regarding dogs: 1. If the nose is dry, then the pet is sick or does not feel well. Many owners panic if their dog’s nose is no longer wet, which is absolutely in vain. This symptom will never 100% say that the dog […]

Olga Orlova threw all her strength into picking up the dog from the flayer as soon as possible. Singer and TV presenter Olga Orlova saw shocking shots on the net. The owner tied the dog to his car and dragged along the Kiev highway. The male Alabai was very old. He could not stand such mockery, just falling exhausted on the asphalt. A video of such animal cruelty infuriated Olga Orlova. This very minute she decided to act. The star […]

In Mogilev, "bad" treat pets. The State Control Committee for the Mogilev region reported violations in compliance with the legislation on the treatment of pets. There are some serious flaws. For example, many owners do not register dogs and do not pay tax on their ownership. As a result, the budget each year receives less than 70-100 thousand rubles. Also, dog owners walk their pets with violations: without leashes, muzzles, in the wrong places, they go to shopping facilities and […]