Many dog ​​owners know how their pets behave on the street when they meet a random cat. Cats respond to dogs with "reciprocity" and greet with all signs of aggression. Their confrontation formed the basis of many sayings and stable expressions. However, why do these pets not want to get along with each other? Experts identified 3 main reasons: 1. The nature of cats. Cats do not particularly need contacts with other animals, preferring freedom and loneliness. Dogs, on the […]

People who suffer from allergies should eat packs of pills at the sight of animals so that a severe reaction does not occur. Therefore, sometimes having a pet becomes a big problem. There are many pet hypoallergenic animals, but among cats and dogs, finding these is not easy. By the way, allergic reactions can provoke not only wool, but also saliva, sweat, and skin particles. So, experts named 4 breeds of hypoallergenic dogs. These include affenpinchers – a dog with […]

It would seem that there is no riddle in pets: we have been living hand in hand with them for more than a thousand years. However, by far not all facts about dogs are known to modern science. Dog handlers shared the most interesting of them: 1. Playing with them is good for your health. This statement was verified experimentally: by spending time with your pet, you can reduce stress levels, improve your mood and even lower your blood pressure. […]

Researchers have found an interesting connection between the behavior of different breeds of dogs and changes in the structure of their brain. It is noted that the study involved neuroscientists from America. During the experiment, they analyzed magnetic resonance imaging images of representatives of 33 tail species. As a result, it turned out that the brain of dogs of various breeds is significantly different from each other. It is noted that all tetrapods who participated in the study belonged to […]

It turns out that dogs can help cores. Academics from the Czech Republic conducted an experiment, where more than 1769 people took part. In the course of scientific work, it was found that pet owners are sports more active, and also try to adhere to proper nutrition. In the study, scientists tried to evaluate body mass index, diet, athletic activity, smoking status, blood pressure, blood glucose and total cholesterol. Then, experts compared the indicators of cardiovascular ailments of animal owners […]

Unusual panels began to appear at the entrance to the French villages, which say that bells regularly ring in the villages, roosters sing and herds roam. The first such panel appeared near one of the villages of the Gard department. The photo of this panel quickly spread across social networks, after which the mayor of a small commune in the department of Pas de Calais also decided to install the panel at the entrance to his village. Then many followed […]

Researchers at the University of Rennes conducted an experiment that proved that dogs have one very useful feature. If you properly prepare a four-legged friend, then you can easily train your dog to recognize and warn about epileptic seizures. Academics are convinced that people can have control over the situation only if they are warned of an impending state. In this case, it will be possible to seek help in time and prevent unpleasant consequences. In order to confirm this […]

The dog is a unique pet, which is not without reason dubbed the "friend of a man." The dog can become an excellent companion and comrade, which will be a real find for a lonely person. According to scientists, dogs are quite “profitable” pets, because they force their owners to walk in the fresh air at least 2 times a day. In addition, having a puppy can allow you to seriously “practice” before having children: dogs teach us responsibility and […]

A researcher at an educational institution in Kyoto Akiko Takaoka made a very surprising discovery after studying the behavior of four-legged animals. As it was found, animals are able to quickly recognize fraud on the part of people, for this reason they behave cautiously. The scientist manipulated empty and food-filled dishes. As a result, dogs reacted very quickly to people's gestures, but became aggressive if they were deprived of a certain sequence. The most striking thing is that at the […]

Researchers from the United States claim that stroking pets: dogs, cats and others – must be prescribed to doctors for their patients as antidepressants. The most amazing thing is that not just stroking reduces stress and calms, but to get the proper therapeutic effect of a pet, you need to squeeze for 10-15 minutes. During this time, cortisol levels fall and endorphin is released. As an antistress will help any pet – cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters or rabbits. Psychologists […]