Researchers at the University of Rennes conducted an experiment that proved that dogs have one very useful feature. If you properly prepare a four-legged friend, then you can easily train your dog to recognize and warn about epileptic seizures. Academics are convinced that people can have control over the situation only if they are warned of an impending state. In this case, it will be possible to seek help in time and prevent unpleasant consequences. In order to confirm this […]

The dog is a unique pet, which is not without reason dubbed the "friend of a man." The dog can become an excellent companion and comrade, which will be a real find for a lonely person. According to scientists, dogs are quite “profitable” pets, because they force their owners to walk in the fresh air at least 2 times a day. In addition, having a puppy can allow you to seriously “practice” before having children: dogs teach us responsibility and […]

A researcher at an educational institution in Kyoto Akiko Takaoka made a very surprising discovery after studying the behavior of four-legged animals. As it was found, animals are able to quickly recognize fraud on the part of people, for this reason they behave cautiously. The scientist manipulated empty and food-filled dishes. As a result, dogs reacted very quickly to people's gestures, but became aggressive if they were deprived of a certain sequence. The most striking thing is that at the […]

Researchers from the United States claim that stroking pets: dogs, cats and others – must be prescribed to doctors for their patients as antidepressants. The most amazing thing is that not just stroking reduces stress and calms, but to get the proper therapeutic effect of a pet, you need to squeeze for 10-15 minutes. During this time, cortisol levels fall and endorphin is released. As an antistress will help any pet – cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters or rabbits. Psychologists […]

In Saratov, the police seized a six-year-old girl from a family that contained an underground kennel with 19 dogs. About what happened it became known from social networks. A local animal rights activist has published on the Web information that in one of the houses on Zheleznodorozhnaya Street a local resident has 19 dogs in the house. Moreover, a six-year-old girl lives in the house. To check the address left the juvenile affairs department employees. The inspectors who arrived at […]

In the Philippines, two domestic dogs fought a cobra and saved a child's life. An unequal battle of a poisonous snake and two dogs hit the video. The frame shows how a snake crawled on a section of a residential building. This time noticed two dogs – Moxie and Miley. The dogs desperately rushed at the snake, grabbed it with their teeth and began to fight. The cobra had been squirming all this time, trying to break free and climb […]

In Petrikov, animal catching services were shooting dogs in broad daylight when children were playing outside. According to local residents on social networks, the service for capturing stray animals on July 17 was located in residential buildings on Vorovskogo Street and was engaged in shooting dogs. On the frames published in the Network, you can see how the service workers shoot dogs running from house to house and then load them into the car. As eyewitnesses noted, the service left […]

Chinese developers have created an application called Megvii, and it will help you search for dogs by nose prints. Four-legged, like people, have their own prints, only on the nose. In order for the application to be able to help, the owner must first register, and then post some photos of the animal's nose from different angles and add it to the system base. After the necessary procedures are completed, the application will analyze the images and find the necessary […]

Researchers from the Liverpool Institute are interested in the question of why and whom dogs attack more often. And, as it turned out, it is men who are the victims of quadrupeds, and women in exceptional cases. Moreover, the probability of an attack on men is 1.8 times more than women. The author of the scientific work Curry Westgart argues that the calmer the person, the less likely it is that he will become a victim of a dog. The […]

Despite the fact that the law obliges dog owners to walk them only in muzzles, no one is immune from the attack. Some owners deliberately ignore the rules, although they understand that their dog behaves aggressively. Also a homeless animal or a guard can attack – if its guard is located nearby. The rules of conduct for an attack are simple: 1. Do not run away. This is not a movie, any dog ​​runs much faster than a man. By […]