Researchers at James Madison University in Texas conducted a study, which was attended by 124 volunteers who needed to express their opinion about a particular dog. At what the experts provided two photos: on the first – a red dog with hanging ears, and on the second – a dog with pointed ears and a black one. Quite a lot of people gave sympathy to a red-haired dog with hanging ears, since it seemed friendly to most. The author of […]

Researchers from the UK and the USA told how dogs learned to manipulate people. As it turned out, in the process of evolution, dogs developed small facial muscles, which helps them now to imitate the “childish” expression of the muzzle, which people like so much. In scientific work it is told that such “puppy eyes” made these animals domestic. It was previously believed that this physiology of the face was characteristic of dogs from the very beginning of their existence, […]

In the house of the 19-year-old student, Gemma Holdaway, they live their own foxes and dogs, who are friends exactly as in the famous Disney cartoon of the same name. The little fox came to Gemma by chance and she decided to raise him at home as a pet, and her dogs became mentors and behavioral patterns for the fox. This story began in March 2018, when a brood of five two-day tiny cubs ( was found on a hayloft […]

Surely everyone wonders why cats and dogs can't live in peace. In fact, this is influenced by typical factors, and, by the way, in the roving life they rarely quarrel with each other, more often they simply bypass each other. Another thing is when they live in a common house. They do not understand each other In cats and dogs, a different language of communication with each other, for example, when a dog wags its tail, the cat perceives it […]

In Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk region, a pack of dogs attacked a child when a girl went to a music school. The girl did not pay attention to animals at first. However, the dogs suddenly surrounded her. After that, the girl covered her face with her hands so as not to see what the dogs would do. Then "the uncle came out and the dogs ran away," as the victim told about the ill-fated day when the dogs almost nibbled the child. […]

It turns out that the choice of pet affects genetics. It is noteworthy that even the breed that people choose will depend entirely on genetics – a pug, a terrier, a sheepdog or a poodle. It is noted that zoologists from Uppsala and Liverpool universities were engaged in research. The experiment was conducted from 2001 to 2016, it was attended by 35,035 twin pairs from Sweden. It turned out that identical twins, who were genetically the same, often either had […]

Researchers from three countries: Austria, the Netherlands, and Germany — learned that as a result of domestication of the wolf, these animals lost their ability to understand cause-effect relationships. We are talking about modern dogs. Wolves understand that the wrong action can cost life, for example, go to the open roadway: a car or a hunter will cause the death of the animal. In dogs, there is no connection between action and effect. It is possible that this may be […]