Experts point out that quite often domestic cats suffer from illnesses associated with malnutrition. Veterinarians have compiled a list of the most common cat ailments: obesity, allergies, dermatitis and urolithiasis. According to experts, everything depends on the lack of proper and balanced nutrition in the pet, for them it is just as important as for a person. It is also very important to properly care for your pet, because if you do not, then many diseases will stick to the […]

Researchers from the University of Oregon conducted a lot of research on the topic of cat independence, and for good reason: the results will please fans of purring creatures. In fact, cats are not so independent, and the widespread opinion about this is nothing more than a myth. It's no secret that once in ancient times these animals were considered sacred in Egypt, because they served the goddess Bast, who endowed them with magical powers. Now the magical charm of […]