American experts have managed to find a way to make domestic cats happier. Although cats have long been pets living next to humans, they remain predators by nature. It is for this reason that it is worth bringing your pet's home as close as possible to the conditions of its natural habitat. Best of all, the food puzzle handles this role. Cats are agile and curious animals that need daily activity and play. Try to stock up on various toys […]

The number of cases of rabies in Belarus is declining. In January – June 2019, 1.5 times fewer cases of rabies in domestic and wild animals were recorded in Belarus. The comparison is with the first half of 2018. Among wild animals, the incidence decreased by 1.6%, and among agricultural – 2.2%. In pets, rabies cases decreased by 11.5%. The most common sources of rabies are foxes, wolves and raccoon dogs. They infect pets as well as cattle on pastures. […]

Experts point out that quite often domestic cats suffer from illnesses associated with malnutrition. Veterinarians have compiled a list of the most common cat ailments: obesity, allergies, dermatitis and urolithiasis. According to experts, everything depends on the lack of proper and balanced nutrition in the pet, for them it is just as important as for a person. It is also very important to properly care for your pet, because if you do not, then many diseases will stick to the […]

Researchers from the University of Oregon conducted a lot of research on the topic of cat independence, and for good reason: the results will please fans of purring creatures. In fact, cats are not so independent, and the widespread opinion about this is nothing more than a myth. It's no secret that once in ancient times these animals were considered sacred in Egypt, because they served the goddess Bast, who endowed them with magical powers. Now the magical charm of […]