Specialists gave a few tips that will help your pet adapt faster when moving to a new place. Immediately it should be noted: the younger the pet, the easier the adaptation process, and vice versa. But in the case of an adult cat, it is better not to touch it once again and to leave all its accessories when moving to another place: a tray, a bowl, toys, a scraper. In any case, at first the cat may be afraid […]

Maine Coon is one of the most beautiful and interesting cat breeds in the world, which easily explains their popularity. What you need to know before buying a kitten, told the breed breeder: 1. The cat will grow very large: its weight reaches 12 kg. Be sure to consider this factor. 2. Do not buy a kitten in an untested kennel or without documents: you must be given a contract and pedigree of the animal. 3. Maine Coons are very […]

Researchers from three countries: Austria, the Netherlands, and Germany — learned that as a result of domestication of the wolf, these animals lost their ability to understand cause-effect relationships. We are talking about modern dogs. Wolves understand that the wrong action can cost life, for example, go to the open roadway: a car or a hunter will cause the death of the animal. In dogs, there is no connection between action and effect. It is possible that this may be […]